Top Table Awards & Attendance Award

Congratulations to all these children who have worked so hard to earn their place on the top Table.

Well done to Year 6 for winning the attendance cup this week – keep it up and enjoy your extra play reward.

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Assembly Awards

Well done to all of these children for receiving a certificate or prize for their hard work. Can you spot the 2 star writers? What fabulous prizes!

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Attendance Cup Winners

This week there were two classes with the best attendance! Congratulations to Year 2 and Year 4 – joint 1st place.
It was also great to hear that overall attendance across the school was good. Well done everyone!

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100% Attendance in October

The results are in…lots of children achieved 100% attendance in October. Keep your eye out for a certificate coming home tomorrow if you, or your child was one of them. Every month, Mrs McGrath takes the names of 100% attenders from each class and draws a name for a book token. Here are October’s winners and with a newly introduced top prize of a £25 book token, it really is worth trying your best to come to school everyday.

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Congratulations to Megan in year 5 who won the raffle for this gorgeous husky toy.

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Top Table Awards

Congratulations to these hard workers. They will enjoy the privilege of being on the Top Table next Friday. The staff are so proud of your efforts.

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Busy Bees

It’s been yet another busy week at Holy Infant & St.Anthony. Check out the class blogs to see who earned the top Table Awards.

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Kinetic Theatre

Kinetic Theatre

Today, the children are enjoying a science production by Kinetic Theatre, called Down to Earth. They are learning some of the tricky scientific concepts in a fun way. Ojin was an excellent helper! Tell us what you thought of this wonderful afternoon by leaving us a reply.

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KS2 Sports Day

Another afternoon of Athletics today, as our Key Stage 2 children took to the race track!

More fantastic athleticism was on show and there was a lot of intense competition too!

Well done to all of the children and a huge thanks to the parents, family and friends who volunteered to take part in the Parents’ race!

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EYFS & KS1 Sports Day!

Yesterday was our EYFS & KS1 Sports Day!

The children had a great time, competing in the sprint, beanbag race and the obstacle course! There were lots of smiles and some super sportsmen and women showing off their athleticism!

Thanks to our volunteers who joined in the Parents’ race too!

Well done everybody!

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