The Great Science Share

Manchester is the City of Science for 2016, and in honour of that, Holy Infant & St Anthony took part in the Great Science Share along with other schools in Bolton.

Our children designed paper aeroplanes, exploring how different modifications to the designs had an effect on how the planes flew. Then, we had a competition to see whose deign went furthest!

Everybody had lots of fun designing and testing their planes, and our winning designers were:

Reception – Cody (4.5m)

Year 1 – Sophie H (6.1m)

Year 2 – Divora (7.7m)

Year 3 – Cameron (7.6m)

Year 4 – Brandon B (8.5m)

Year 5 – Owen (7.3m)

Year 6 – Owen C (13.1m)

IMG_0419 IMG_0424 IMG_0425 IMG_0427

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