Our Prayers for Lent


We know that Lent is a time when we reflect upon the sacrifices that Jesus made for us. It is a time of reflection where we think about the lives that we live and how we use our lives to honour Jesus. Lent is a time of compassion and charity where we put the needs of other people before ourselves. All of this helps to prepare us for the glorious resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday.

In this blog I would like you to write a prayer of thanks to Jesus for all of the sacrifices that he has made and to ask him to help us to stay strong in our sacrifices as we near the end of this Lenten period.

I look forward to hearing your prayers.

Mr Pugh

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6 Responses to Our Prayers for Lent

  1. 0702011jw says:

    We thank you for all the sacrifice’s you have made for us. if you didn’t make these sacrifice’s we wouldn’t be hear so as I said you will always Dear Jesus
    make these sacrifice’s because you love us so much to give us up and away to the sins of the world. We are all the same because so will you help us even more than we can help you so will you my lord Jesus please can you give us more help please we people need it especially the homeless people or animals.

  2. 0702011bg says:

    Dear Jesus
    You sufferd in the dessert and you showed us to not be tempted by the devil, please make sure that we all follow in your footsteps and be faithful like you. You inspire us to be faithful with God and to love your god and him only and that is the thing we need to remember, because we to get tempted by the devil, and when we do we need to think of you and how you were not tempted.
    Lucifer cannot match the power of god almighty and we remember that as we pray to you and your father this lent. In this lent we think about you and what we can give up and give to you in return like you did to god. When the Devil took you to the top of the temple and said “All this can be ours all you have to do is worship me and me only you refused and said “worship your god and him only for I will not be tempted by you Satan” this shows how strong you are with your faith with god. He threw you a stone and said “turn this into bread and eat “ and you refused and said “ I can feed of my faith I pray not eat “ and the devil went away and the angles attended you because you were brave and faithful with your god. You went on and went on without anything and you slept on the cold hard ground with no blanket or no company, you were all alone because you loved your god with all your heart and soul. Although we can’t go in the desert and suffer like you we can give some things up like cholate or promise to eat less as your Lenten promise this lent.

  3. 070pughj says:

    Dear Jesus,
    On this Shrove Tuesday, Lord help us to enjoy and give thanks to you for the bounty you provide for us and remind us to share your gifts with others. And as Lent begins tomorrow, prepare our hearts and minds to reflect upon the temptation of Jesus for 40 days and nights and what that means for us. Amen

  4. 0702011rw says:

    DEAR Jesus,
    And forty nights. In the desert you had no food or water or anything. You sacrificed yourself for those long days because you loved us all you only sacrificed yourself on the cross because you didn’t want us to love you we would of loved you anyway because you are our father in heaven with god and you will loves us all you are called Jesus because you made the in the name of the and of the son and the holy spirit

  5. 0702011bj says:

    Dear God
    In this special time of lent we remember how Jesus spent 40 days and 40 nights in the desert and had no food or water. We remember how we should give up something or should do something extra. In lent we take time to pray so we can remember Jesus’s suffering. That thing we give up gives us time to speak with god, pray and remember. When Jesus went to the desert he resisted all temptation help me and other people to resist and keep our Lenten, promises going for 40 days and 40 nights. Thank you for sending your one and only son to suffer because of my sin. I know I don’t deserve anything our hearts our heavy because we let your one and only son die on a cross. Lent is all about preparing for Jesus dieing on the cross pope francis says. The one who listens attentively to the word of god and truly prays will always ask the lord. Bishop Arnold says lent, what is lent when does lent begin,lent is a time for preparation and prayer.

  6. 0702011aw1 says:

    Dear Lord,
    In this period of lent and thoughtfulness we evoke the agony and anguish you experienced in the desert where you spent 40 blistering days and 40 frigid nights. In doing this you show us what lengths you go to, to forgive our sins. You have called us to follow you into the desert so that we may shun away Satan as he tries to tempt us and as he tried to tempt you. Help us to stay true to ourselves and our promises we made to you and give us the power to confront evil. May these 40 days of being alone in the desert test our strength and our faith. Give us hope and fill our hearts with love to share with our brothers and sisters. May we walk in your footsteps, speak our word and may our eyes tell of your miracles. May I be inspired by your words, your actions and your thoughts both yours and your sons. Jesus guides me to make sacrifices this lent in sprit and self- denial with more attention to you and those around me.
    Father help me to see this time of lent as a time of self-renewal, rather than a time of deprivation. May our love represent your love. May our love be available to all, those in poverty, those that are hungry, those that are thirsty and those that are homeless. Create me in a clean heart and put a new and right spirit within me. In lent we give up things then we give the money we raise to those who need whether they are in Africa or even our own community. Lord I place my troubles and worries into your hands as I believe in you that you may free my mind of things that trouble me and let me rest to talk to you through my prayers . Help me to resist those things that disrupt the wellbeing of the body and mind this lent. Enlarge my heart so that I may share my love, compassion and devotion with those in poverty and loneliness. May I forgive those who insult, attack me or belittle me more than that may I forgive myself for letting them hurt me. We fast from judging others but feast on patience. Pope Francis says,” lent is a time to give to the homeless and have a conversation with god.” When we pray we have our own conversation with god and we forget the rest of the world.

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