Science Day

Here at Holy Infant, we like to make Science as interesting and exciting for the children as possible!

So today, our children have moved from class to class, performing lots of practical experiments with different teachers, learning about lots of different areas of Science, developing the scientific skill-set and, of course, having lots of fun!

The children have been creating egg protectors (materials and their properties), testing car movement on surfaces (friction),  designing and testing paper aeroplanes (aerodynamics), investigating floating and sinking (materials and their properties), creating boats from modelling clay (properties of materials and states of matter) and even picking up jelly cubes with pencil crayons (friction and forces)!

The children have had loads of fun investigating different areas of the curriculum, and have learnt a thing or two as well! Please watch the video below to see some of our pictures!

More pictures from other classes to follow!

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