Achievement outside of school

Lots of children attend clubs in school and out of school. It is always lovely to celebrate their success. Well done for the kickboxing and football awards.  

100% Attendance

  This month’s 100% attendees’ names were put in a hat. These children were lucky enough to be selected to receive a £5 or £25 book token – CONGRATULATIONS! Every month, we start again so do your very best to be in every single day, to be in with a chance to win next time.

This Week’s Top Table

Congratulations to these children who have been recognised for their excellent effort in class. On Friday, they will sit on the top table at lunchtime and have the added bonus of an optional, fun activity to play indoors. Well done!


Just before the holidays, we had a very special CAFOD assembly with Jane and Leo Conley. We were all invited to do something small each week during Lent to help our school to collect some money for this very worthy cause. How are you doing? Have you managed to save any of your pocket money? […]

Science Club - Nature & The Environment

This week was the first of our Year 1 and Year 2 Nature & The Environment Club. We used our green fingers to plant some sunflower and broad bean seeds. We will be looking after them over the coming weeks, so watch this space for a bountiful crop!

100% Attendance in January

Well done to all of the children who have been in school every day in January. Certificates are being given out today. These lucky children were picked out of ‘the hat’ to receive a book token.

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