Retreat at St Anthony’s Chapel

Our Chaplain trip!

On Friday 19th January our Gift Team went to St Anthony’s Chapel for a retreat with the other BOSCEP teams. There were lots of different catholic schools from around our area including the Thornleigh chaplains and the Mount Saint Josephs chaplains. First, we played a game of human bingo to get to know everyone and Charlotte came in the top five!

Next, we learned about an inspiring story of a girl called Veronica and about how she couldn’t afford proper lamps and had to use paraffin lamps which affected her health.They were poisoning her and her family was running out of money.  She wasn’t able to do the extra studying she needed to get the job she wanted.

Then CAFOD came and changed Veronica’s life by putting solar panels on the school’s roof so they could take energy from the sun and get light and giving her a solar lamp so she could study safely at home.  We made a sun shape which said Power to be in it and we wrote messages to the World Bank to ask them for more solar panels for schools like Veronica’s. We also wrote prayers to Veronica.

After this, we had lunch and when came back inside we practiced some singing with Mr Antonio from Thornleigh for the mass later on.

Finally, all of the schools sat down together as Father Micheal said a beautiful mass. At the end we were all given a handmade angel to keep. We were the last ones to leave so we had another game of Splat! We had a great day and learned a lot about renewable energy.

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Our New Gift Team

This gallery contains 7 photos.

So here we are. The Gift Team 2017-18! We are: Grace, Harry, Charlotte, Alfie. Olivia, Eden, Sophie and Milly. So far this year we have been involved in making posters to promote fundraising for CAFOD- the El Salvador ‘Brighten up … Continue reading

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Yr 1 Collective Worship



On Wednesday the 29th of March, the chaplains Joe Halliday, Abigail and Joe Raw, performed a liturgy for 6 year 1 pupils. It was all about how when youstop following in Jesus’ footsteps. God will always love you an go to find you; he will also bring you closer to him.

The Chaplaincy/GIFT Team.

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Collective Worship with Year 3 Pupils

Last week we told some children from Year 3 all about the Last Supper and the Passover. We asked the children if they knew what the Passover was and any of the consequences. We also asked the children to put down a pebble or a flower on the altar. They  made little boxes with prayers and quotes on. The quote of the liturgy was,”Love the Lord as he has loved you.” .

We read several bible stories and gospels and even a psalm. The mission was , ” Go forth and act in the way of Jesus”. The children that participated were: Ben, Daniel, Emily, Masie, Louise and Dominique.

They really enjoyed the small reflection time together; they listened so well they even got a small chocolate as a treat for being such good ambassadors for our school.

Written by

Charlotte, Olivia and Alfie  Yr5

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Sharing Worship with BOSCEP

On Wednesday 8th February, The Chaplaincy /Gift Team visited St. Anthony’s Chapel, Horwich. We shared some  liturgies with other primary schools, (St. Peter and St. Paul, St. Ethelbert, St. Joseph’s, St. Osmund’s, St. William of York, St. Mary’s and of course, Holy Infant and St. Anthony’s) and sang some lovely hymns.

Our liturgy was about Rights and Responsibilities and everyone said it was very moving.

We took some amazing ideas from the other schools such as: a prayer bell, building an altar, a chain that we could write on saying what we could do to help others and a lovely slideshow with some music. We also shared a tasty snack!

It had been a really great afternoon and it was fun mixing with children from other schools.

🙂 The Chaplaincy/Gift Team 🙂

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Our Chaplaincy Gift Team 2016/17


These are the members of our new Chaplaincy Gift Team

Yr 6

Abigail Meehan, Joe Raw and Joe Halliday

Yr 5

Grace Potter, Charlotte Lowe and Olivia Garland

The team has been very busy organising half-termly collective worship sessions for our Yr 1 and Yr2 pupils. These take place at lunchtime in the Prayer Room. The focus has been on The Rosary and Advent. They have also taken part in a full day retreat at Shoenstatt with the other members of the BOSCEP schools. As part of their work they have helped in organising a collection of food for the Bolton Community Kitchen during Harvest week and also a shoe box appeal for the homeless at Christmas.                                                                          xoct-2016-363 oct-2016-360 oct-2016-326  oct-2016-311

The Team will be adding their own Blogs to let you know about the different activities they undertake.

Watch this space!

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Welcome to our Pupil Chaplaincy Blog


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Holy Infant’s Pupil Chaplain Team and Ethos Group.

After a rigorous application and interview process with the Head Teacher, Parish Priest and Lay Chaplain, ten candidates were selected and presented at Salford Cathedral for the Chaplaincy Commissioning service.

On Thursday 30th April, the Pupil Chaplains spent a fabulous day at the Cathedral Centre before receiving their special commission from Canon McBride. It was lovely to see so many families turn up to support our children.

Our ten Chaplains have now begun their important role in school. The purpose of our chaplains is to promote friendship, love and respect in school and the wider community and uphold our school mission statement.

As the year progresses, the pupil chaplains will be given lots of responsibility, such as preparing and leading prayer and worship, meeting staff and pupils on a regular basis and supporting local charities.

The Pupil Chaplains began their preparation for the role by developing their own action and development plan which they intend to share with the Head Teacher and the Governors in the coming weeks. Part of the action plan involves setting up our very own chapel and prayer area in school. Other significant plans include: leading regular liturgies within school; leading lessons as part of the sacramental programme; holding regular weekly meetings and developing faith in school.

Our school Ethos group is still continuing to be a great success in school and will carry on running alongside our Chaplaincy Team. Every half term our Ethos group plan and deliver whole school worship on one of our Gospel values.

The children plan a WALT and WILF for the worship. The most important part of worship is reflection time, where children think about how the value can help them in their daily lives. Reflection prompts are put in each class’s reflection space. To evaluate worship, ethos club and teachers speak to children during the day about what they have learned and what they want to learn next. Each class has a reflection space. The teacher and children decide on how their reflection space will look and the value or topic they choose. After worship we put the reflection activity in every class’s reflection space and collect them at the end of the week to evaluate the impact.

Our Chaplaincy Team and Ethos group have worked on many projects with the Ethos Group from Bishop Bridgeman school.

Celebrating Easter…


Mirrors, windows and doors…




Harvest time…


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