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Retreat at St Anthony's Chapel

Our Chaplain trip! On Friday 19th January our Gift Team went to St Anthony’s Chapel for a retreat with the other BOSCEP teams. There were lots of different Catholic schools from around our area including the Thornleigh chaplains and the Mount Saint Josephs chaplains. First, we played a game of human bingo to get to […]

Our New Gift Team

So here we are. The Gift Team 2017-18! We are Grace, Harry, Charlotte, Alfie. Olivia, Eden, Sophie and Milly. So far this year we have been involved in making posters to promote fundraising for CAFOD- El Salvador ‘Brighten up your day’ appeal and a school raffle to raise funds for the Manchester Children’s Hospital. We […]

Yr 1 Collective Worship

On Wednesday the 29th of March, the chaplains Joe Halliday, Abigail and Joe Raw, performed a liturgy for 6 year 1 pupils. It was all about how when youstop following in Jesus’ footsteps. God will always love you an go to find you; he will also bring you closer to him. The Chaplaincy/GIFT Team.

Collective Worship with Year 3 Pupils

Last week we told some children from Year 3 all about the Last Supper and the Passover. We asked the children if they knew what the Passover was and any of the consequences. We also asked the children to put down a pebble or a flower on the altar. They  made little boxes with prayers […]

Sharing Worship with BOSCEP

On Wednesday 8th February, The Chaplaincy /Gift Team visited St. Anthony’s Chapel, Horwich. We shared some  liturgies with other primary schools, (St. Peter and St. Paul, St. Ethelbert, St. Joseph’s, St. Osmund’s, St. William of York, St. Mary’s and of course, Holy Infant and St. Anthony’s) and sang some lovely hymns. Our liturgy was about Rights […]

Our Chaplaincy Gift Team 2016/17

These are the members of our new Chaplaincy Gift Team Yr 6 Abigail Meehan, Joe Raw and Joe Halliday Yr 5 Grace Potter, Charlotte Lowe and Olivia Garland The team has been very busy organising half-termly collective worship sessions for our Yr 1 and Yr2 pupils. These take place at lunchtime in the Prayer Room. […]