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Stay and Play

Thank you to everyone who attended! The children seemed very excited to share their classroom and learning with you! We would appreciate it if you could return the feedback slips by Monday. Please do not worry if you were unable to come as there will be another Stay and Play next half term.

Dinner Time

Today the children stayed for dinner and they were superstars! They lined up and chose what they wanted to eat and asked Maggie for their choice using lovely manners. Today was meatballs or jacket potato. The children seemed to really enjoy it! Lexi said “Dinners are so good” and Leo said, “delicious!”. Millie, Olivia and […]

Number practice- Can you help teddy? He is very hungry and would love some cakes! yum yum! https://www.topmarks.co.uk/learning-to-count/teddy-numbers

Today we’ve been on a mini-beast hunt. We looked in all the dark, damp spots; under logs and stones. We used a pooter to carefully suck them into a pot so that we could look at them.