Our Advent Promises

In Advent we have been thinking about how we can be better people and become closer to God. In this blog I would like you to share the Advent promises that you have made. I look forward to reading your promise.

Miss Wood



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Top Table

Congratulations to Daniel and Jacob H. They’ve worked really hard this week and will be on the top table next Friday.

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Skipton Castle

Year 3 have been to 900 year old Skipton Castle this week, learning all about castles, the Middle Ages and the War of the Roses.

The children had a great time and learnt a lot from our guides, Peter and Chris. Watch the video below for some pictures of the children!


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Authors of the future!

This half term, Year Three have been learning all about the Arthurian legends, widely believed to be based in Celtic times.

Having read about the Quest for the Holy Grail, with Sir Lancelot, Sir Galahad and more, the children were inspired to write their own Grail stories, creating some fantastic books, with front and back covers, blurbs, and even some quotes from their fellow authors! Have a look at some of our books below!

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Growth Mindset!

At the moment, Year 3 are learning all about plants.

We’ve been conducting an experiment using cress seeds, to find out if what we think we know about plants is actually true!

The Year 3 children said, “Plants need water, soil and sunlight to grow.”

Therefore, we conducted a test using cress seeds to find out if a plant really needed all three things to grow and be healthy.

Look at the pictures below and read the children’s comment, to find out what we’ve learnt!

These plants had everything we thought they’d need – soil, water and sunlight!

These seeds were planted in cotton wool, instead of soil!

These seeds got no water (although the soil we used had been rained on shortly before starting!)

These seeds got no light.

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World Book Day

Today was World Book Day, and Year 3 have been doing lots of reading, as well as designing a new cover for their favourite book!.

A massive thank you to all parents for helping to provide brilliant costumes or dressing the children in their pyjamas and making sure their children were ready for World Book Day.


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Have hammer, will travel…

A special post just to share the efforts of one of our Year 3 children who managed to create a very realistic Stone Age hammer! Mr Eccles has something to repair his shelves with now!

Using a rock, a large stick, some string and wax, Jorja created a very usable hammer. There were several other super models created by our Year 3s, so if any parents have pictures and would like to email them to the office, they can join Jorja on our blog!

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Stone Age Cave Drawings found at Holy Infant!

Shocking news today as cave drawings from the Stone Age were found on the tables in Year 3!

Our fantastic Stone Age artists produced some wonderful scenes of hunting, campfires and Stone Age battles, using only candlelight to help! There are some amazing pieces of work, and Year 3 had brilliant fun creating their very own Stone Age art!

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Year 3 visit the Stone Age…

This week, Year 3 have begun our history topic, learning all about the Stone Age!

On Wednesday, we went back in time to appreciate a (Health and Safety standard) Stone Age campfire, which we used as a stimulus to write some fantastic sentences describing a setting. Why don’t you read some of our favourites below…

20170111_111644 20170111_111714 img_1256 20170111_111702

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Dear Santa…

As we move closer to Christmas, it is important that we keep in mind what is truly important about this time of year. We all look forward to our turkey dinner…Image result for christmas dinner

pulling crackers… Image result for pulling crackers

and opening presents…Image result for christmas presents

but we must remember that Christmas wouldn’t exist without Christ!

Jesus was sent to this world to make it a better place, to make things fair for all, bring hope to the poor and happiness to the world.

As we look around our world today, so many ignore his message, with war and strife all around the globe.

So, as Year 3 write our letters to Santa, we’ve made sure we include a little thought for what Santa could bring to those less fortunate than ourselves, as well as what we would like to find under the Christmas tree.

Please read Year 3’s comments below to find out what we’re wishing for this Christmas.

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