Year 3 get FRESH!

This week, Year 3 produced a fantastic performance of their class assembly, The Fresh Samaritan!

The children did a fantastic job of getting across the message of Jesus’ Parable “The Good Samaritan,” with a modern twist, as the Fresh Samaritan!

The children had a great time and did a brilliant job. It’s fair to say though, that the children’s favourite bit was performing the “Fresh Samaritan rap” to the theme tune of the Fresh Prince of Bel Air!

The children and Mr Eccles & Mrs Buckley would like to thank all of the parents, grandparents and other family members who came to support the children in their performance and left such lovely comments in our assembly book.

Mr Eccles and Mrs Buckley would like to add thanks for helping the children learn their lines at home and providing costumes for those who needed them. Thank you!

For those unable to attend and enjoy, please watch the video below!

The Fresh Samaritan!

Now this is a story all about how,

a man got jumped and kicked around.

So let us take a minute, listen to us man,

while we tell you all the story of the Fresh Samaritan.


In Western Israel, born and raised,

on the road to Jericho he walked for many days.

Keepin’ it cheerful,

never being moany,

walking on his feet or ridin’ on his pony.


When a couple of guys who were up to no good,

beat him up and left him lyin’ in his blood.

A priest walked by but he got real scared,

and said “I knew that I should help him but I just never dared!”


A traveller was coming, but when he came near,

it was his enemy, Samaritan, headed over here.

If anything, the chances of help were pretty rare,

but the Samaritan was fresh so he offered love and care!


They pulled up to an inn about seven or eight,

and he said to the innkeeper “Give him food, I’ll pay you later!”

He paid for his lodging and he smiled at the man,

And there begins the story of the Fresh Samaritan!

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3 Responses to Year 3 get FRESH!

  1. philip says:

    wounder what is happening next week.

    25.11.16 philip

  2. Jayne Sayers says:

    A Fantastic assembly Year 3. You all must have worked so hard to make it so special. Well done. Amelia’s Mum

  3. Sarah says:


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