Dear Santa…

As we move closer to Christmas, it is important that we keep in mind what is truly important about this time of year. We all look forward to our turkey dinner…Image result for christmas dinner

pulling crackers… Image result for pulling crackers

and opening presents…Image result for christmas presents

but we must remember that Christmas wouldn’t exist without Christ!

Jesus was sent to this world to make it a better place, to make things fair for all, bring hope to the poor and happiness to the world.

As we look around our world today, so many ignore his message, with war and strife all around the globe.

So, as Year 3 write our letters to Santa, we’ve made sure we include a little thought for what Santa could bring to those less fortunate than ourselves, as well as what we would like to find under the Christmas tree.

Please read Year 3’s comments below to find out what we’re wishing for this Christmas.

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31 Responses to Dear Santa…

  1. 0702013jk says:

    Dear Santa,
    I would love it if you don’t just bring me some presents but you get the people who are less fortunate than me some presents.

    For some of my presents I would really like it if you could help me do a very important job, that is to spread all of the love, passion and compassion. Please could you also make that everyone is getting treated the same and also that everyone is getting treated the right way. But the main thing I would like is that the homeless is getting the food, warmth and shelter that they really need.

    All I want for Christmas is everyone to enjoy the holidays, the snow, the presents, the crackers and the jokes inside the crackers because it’s only fair that the people who are less fortunate get treated the same as everyone else and the right way of getting treated.

    I think I belong on the nice list for trying hard at school in the recent tests, for helping my Mum and Dad at home and caring for others. So because I’ve done all of them wonderful things I would like you to bring me Arsenal stadium tour tickets and maybe some little surprises please.

    From your best friend Jorja.

  2. 0702013hw says:

    Dear Santa
    Please could you shear love , joy , peace and hope. I also want is that I will get a Bike and gel a peal. And on Christmas I want all family`s to gather together.

    I deserve to go on nice list because I ways all ways play with Tobias and every other people in this world.

    Can I also have pie face show down? Can I also get a leap pad ?

    By Harriet

  3. 0702013sw says:

    Dear Santa,

    This Christmas I want the world to have peace, to have a shelter, have faith, honesty, food and drinks, warmth for the poor, love, hope for the world, to have courage, compassion.
    I would also like for the world to be happy and joyful not sad or glum, for everyone to have a delightful Christmas.

    For Christmas please can I have a electric scooter, a ASUS laptop, for everyone to be together, a bible with all the parables and stories, a Mackenzie tracksuit matching with shoes, a puppy, and pie face showdown.

    I am on the nice list every year because I`m kind and caring.

    I deserve these presents because I`ve been marvellous at home and school.

    By Sienna

  4. Sarah says:

    Dear Santa,
    Please can you hope, love, joy,trust, shelter and warmth (for the homeless), everyone is equal, everyone has a home and people can rejoice and celebrate this Christmas.

    Also if I’m on the good list can I get these 3 things?
    A hoodie if it’s cold or rainy. I deserve it because I have been nice to nature things and I haven’t killed any of it’s creatures. Can I also get some headphones to listen to peaceful music. I deserve it because whenever I get mad the music will calm me down. Now last but not least can I have a doll set. I need it because I really love my toys and playing with them.
    From SarahF.

  5. 0702013da says:

    Dear santa
    I will a chklet a christmas darya

  6. 0702013br says:

    Dear Santa… I hope that my school holy infants will get a very happy Christmas this year and I hope that everyone will Spread love over the world. and Santa I want for Christmas this year is love. And this why I want love. because my Dream is to show love to be very nice.
    I want a game called LEGO movie and ill like under my tree at my dads is Pokémon cards ten EXs nine Legendary cards.

    From Ben.

  7. 0702013pm says:

    Dear Santa

    I hope that the world gets love peace joy shelter faith and a happy Christmas and lovely Christmas with their family.

    For Christmas I want a portal gun, a Nerf gun Hypefire and a Xbox one S I deserve my presents because I’ve been helping my dad and mom.


  8. 0702013sk says:

    Dear Santa,
    Please give the world hope, peace, love and , joy. I will leave some mince pie and milk out for you also I will leave some carrots out for your reindeers and please help the poor and please leave shelter for the homeless I should go on the good list because I have been a good girl this year all I want for Christmas is pig pop and I hope the homeless get SOMEWHERE to live and they get loads and loads of
    Thanks for the list by Sascha.

  9. 0702013mb says:

    Dear Santa
    For Christmas I want peace, love, joy, hope and faith to spread round the hole wide world.
    I want food and drink to go to the homeless.

    What I want for Christmas is some Horrid Henry books, a gymnastics bar, some Pokémon cards and a new pare of shoes.

  10. 0702013cw says:

    Dear Santa I want love and peace to spread around the world so no one gets enjoyed that’s why I want peace .
    I want a Pikachu and Raichu teddy plush . I deserve it because so far .am on the good list.
    SANTA. is Rudolph ok?

  11. 0702013lk says:

    Dear Santa

    I hope that the world gets hope and love I als0 want every one to get what they want for Christmas. I want a x box one and 2k 17 and here comes the pain and 2k 16 all on x box one because iv been helping my mum and dad id also like Pikachu EX please but I also want a Goldberg toy and rock toy and a stone cold 3;16 top and a computer. From Lealand

  12. 0702013md says:

    Dear Santa,
    what I want for Christmas is that homeless people have warm places to live this year.and pace and love to spared around the wold!
    What I want for Christmas is that everyone to be happy!

    I want for christmas is a hatchels “s because I have been kind and careing! MERRY CHRISTMAS hohoho!

    From Maisie

  13. 0702013to says:

    Dear Santa
    Please help the world have shelter , honesty, peace around the world, so the place can better place to live .I hope that people will change their ways and people will stop being mean to each other and start to care for EVERYONE. People need to be more kind to each other so the place WILL be somewhere to be happy.

    Dear Santa I want to have a great Christmas and forever more .I want a ps4 or maybe just a purple scooter for Christmas .I also want some money and a wrist band set.
    So please put me on the good or ok list please Santa please. And help me to be at my best!!

    Thank you Santa

    by Toni Oteju

  14. 0702013dg says:

    Dear Santa please give the world love and hope and, joy I will love to everybody, please love to everybody by Divora.

  15. 0702013mc says:

    Dear Santa
    This Christmas I will spread the word of God all around the world. I will also help people who are stuck on their work in class.

    For Christmas I would like a gymnastics bar so I can teach people how to do gymnastics.

    From Miley C

  16. 0702013lh says:

    DEAR Santa help to spread love and happiness around the world by flying on your
    slay and do it by feeding poor.

    please can I have a Pokémon tin.

    I deserve the Pokémon tin because I’ve been good for my mum.

    by Lucas.H

  17. 0702013ew says:

    Dear Santa
    I want spred ,love kindness joy to the world I thank my mum, dad teachers everyone
    shelter for the poor homeless and poor and sick get better and poor have a merry charismas and a happy new year!

    I want a, laptop , dolls , pie face, love.

    I want a place because I have been good
    Emily wise

  18. 0702013mi says:

    Dear Santa,
    Please give love, caring and sharing to the world this Christmas to make the world a nicer place.

    I want a new bike for Christmas. I deserve it because im guna be good.

    From Miley I

  19. 0702013lb says:

    Dear Santa,

    Please bring the world love, joy and honesty so nobody has a bad time at Christmas.

    I want a happy new year so we can have a happy Christmas day.
    for Christmas I want some Pokémon cards.

  20. 0702013jo says:

    Dear Santa,
    I want all the world to have love and joy this Christmas. also I want the world to have a laugh and plenty of food. This Christmas I and all of the world hope we have
    Please could I have a Pikachu plush toy . I deserve it because I am good all the time and this year. Josh OB

  21. 0702013lb says:

    Dear Santa,

    Please bring the world love, joy and honesty so nobody has a bad time at Christmas.

    I want a happy new year so we can have a happy Christmas day.
    for Christmas I want some Pokémon Lucas B

  22. 0702013oa says:

    Dear Santa
    Help love to sprred around the whole whole world this winter year I want people to have strength around the world.

  23. 0702013sg says:

    Dear Santa,
    Please can you spread hope, love, peace and give food to the homeless but I will give
    love all around the wold. I know to be a kind and trust ,faith. I rellty want to see
    If I am good and on the good list I will get a presnat for Christmas you sead I coud
    have a presnat at Christmas eavs.


  24. 0702013dw says:

    Dear: Santa
    For Christmas I want faith, love, shelter for the homeless, the sick to get better, clothes for the naked, food for the hungry and honesty.

    I want
    Uncle Paul
    Stuffed wolf with choler
    Minecraft dimond Steve
    flying Rodolfo
    Stuff Santa
    Fluffy teddy
    Christmas tree deva set
    Cute puppy teddy

    Uncle Paul

    I deserve this massive list of toys because I am always good at home.

    From Danielle

  25. 0702013ln says:

    Dear Santa I want people of the streets to be happy and have a place to sleep until Christmas. And give the homeless lot,s of food

  26. 0702013dm says:

    Dear Santa
    pleas could you shear love, joy, peace and faith be kind to others and peace to the world to be happy.

    I wont heals,magic

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