Growth Mindset!

At the moment, Year 3 are learning all about plants.

We’ve been conducting an experiment using cress seeds, to find out if what we think we know about plants is actually true!

The Year 3 children said, “Plants need water, soil and sunlight to grow.”

Therefore, we conducted a test using cress seeds to find out if a plant really needed all three things to grow and be healthy.

Look at the pictures below and read the children’s comment, to find out what we’ve learnt!

These plants had everything we thought they’d need – soil, water and sunlight!

These seeds were planted in cotton wool, instead of soil!

These seeds got no water (although the soil we used had been rained on shortly before starting!)

These seeds got no light.

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3 Responses to Growth Mindset!

  1. Sarah says:

    Everything turned out disgusting…….. Yuck………

  2. Sarah says:

    We learnt that we should not over water them, nor under water them.

  3. Harriet says:

    Some of the survived but the yucky ones did not

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