Our Advent Promises

In Advent we have been thinking about how we can be better people and become closer to God. In this blog I would like you to share the Advent promises that you have made. I look forward to reading your promise.

Miss Wood



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12 Responses to Our Advent Promises

  1. 070pughj says:

    During Advent,

    I promise to be more patient and understanding towards others.


  2. 0702014jm says:

    During Advent I will promise that I’ll share and be positive. JM

  3. 0702014ow says:

    In Advent we celebrate the birth of Jesus.

  4. 0702014te says:

    During Advent

    I promise to be kind to my mum and dad by doing their work. My second promise is to be kind, caring and make other people feel happy


  5. 0702014lk says:

    During Advent we can be kind to each other and be kind by making them feel better when they are upset. LK

  6. 0702014cp says:

    My advent promise is to be helpful to my family.

  7. 0702014sh says:

    My Advent promise is to help my mum. I normally play out but I am going to help my mum make tea and tidy up. I will also try my best to listen to my mum when she asks me to do something.


  8. 0702014ed says:

    This advent I will promise to be caring by sharing with my cousins and share with toys

  9. 0702014os says:

    During Advent, I promise to love my family.I will do this by helping my family and friends.

  10. 0702014jb says:

    My advent promise is to be more kind to
    my sister and mum.

  11. 0702014at1 says:

    My Advent promise is to be faithful to God. During Advent I Will help my brother with everything in the world. In Advent I will understand that people are different, and I will look after my brother, and be kind to him.


  12. 0702014jh says:

    I promise to be kind to my family and friends JH

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