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Stone Age Cave Drawings found at Holy Infant!

Shocking news today as cave drawings from the Stone Age were found on the tables in Year 3! Our fantastic Stone Age artists produced some wonderful scenes of hunting, campfires and Stone Age battles, using only candlelight to help! There … Continue reading

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The Roman Invasion

Holy Infant & St Anthony was invaded by the Roman Empire today, as children across the school learnt all about the Romans, how the great city was born (with some fantastic acting!) and their invasion of Britain in the year … Continue reading

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The Stone Age

In Year Three we are learning all about the Stone Age. Can you write some super, descriptive sentences about these Stone Age hunter-gatherers?

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Don’t Mess With Boudicca!

We have been learning about Boudicca, warrior Queen of the Iceni! She was a fierce opponent of the Romans until she lost a huge battle at Watling Street, where her army was slaughtered. She couldn’t stand the humiliation and poisoned … Continue reading

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Stone Age Inventions

People in the Stone Age had to invent the very basics! What do you think you would have invented? Ideas as comments please, Year 3! Remember, I want the name of your invention, what it does, and how it works! … Continue reading

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