April Writing Challenge

This week’s homework is to complete our writing challenge in no more than 100 words!

Use this picture to inspire your story:

To make sure your writing is the best it can be, use the slow writing model we use in class:

  1. Simple sentence
  2. Compound sentence
  3. 2Ad sentence
  4. Complex sentence or description : detail sentence

As always, there will be a small prize for the best entries.  Feel free to write your entry on the blog or on paper.  Have fun!

Ms Grime



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Solid, Liquid or Gas?

Todaywe have been busily sorting different substances. We studied the properties of a solid, a liquid and a gas. Some of them were head scratchers. Did you know that although you can pour sand, it is actually a solid? Even scientists struggle to categorise slime and jelly!


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Design Technology

Today, we were solving a problem for the Roman farmers. They needed a safe way to move their cattle across the river. We investigated two different bridge structures to find out which one was the strongest and most long lasting. Year 4s, please feel free to comment and explain.

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World Book Day 2018

Thank you to all the children and parents for your sterling efforts on World Book Day. The children really enjoyed celebrating the wide variety of books that we have available in our school library to share with a classmate. In addition to this, the children enjoyed lots of other fun activities including creating some fantastic book recommendation posters.

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