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Welcome to our Year 5 Blog!

We are going to use blogging as a tool to improve our literacy skills, in particular our focus will be writing. We will be writing using lots of different genres which could include diary entries, debates, story starters, story settings and many more.

We know we will have to try our very best with our writing as our audience is the potentially the whole of the world wide web. We would really appreciate you leaving comments as to what you liked about our writing and maybe a  comment of how we could  make our writing better.

All comments will go to be moderated before going live.

If you have any ideas of what you would like us to blog about, please add your comments.

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The Ancient Greeks

In out topic work we are learning about the ancient Greeks. In Greek mythology, mythical creatures are often hybrid creatures- a creature made up from more than one animal.

The Minotaur



When we read the story of Theseus, we came across this mythical beast- The Minotaur. This is a hybrid creature- a cross between a man and a bull.

Your task for this Blog is to create your own hybrid creature. This creature should be a mix of at least two creatures. In the Blog you must:

  • Decide on what type of creature it is- is it good or evil?
  • Give it a name
  • Describe its appearance and personality
  • Describe any special powers

Please complete your Blog by Friday 17th November. I look forward to reading about your weird and wonderful creatures.


Mr Pugh



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The Month of the Holy Souls

November is the month of the Holy Souls. Last week we shared in the Holy Mass together on the 1st November for All Saint’s Day and on the 2nd November we celebrated a class worship together, thinking about all of the dearly departed who have left our world.

In this Blog, I would like you to write a prayer for all of the Holy Souls. You might want to think of a particular person close to you or you might address your prayer to all of the Holy Souls in heaven. I look forward to reading your prayers.


Mr Pugh

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Top Table Awards

Congratulations to Eden and Ella. Your hard work this week has earned you a place on the top table next Friday.

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Class Five had a super science day at Jodrell Bank!



Class Five had an excellent day at Jodrell Bank, learning about the science of space using scientific equipment that we do not have in school. It was a great opportunity to make our own craters, analyse different types of rocks and even see the stars in a planetarium.

Look at our video below- you can see what a fabulous time we had!

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Blackpool Zoo Trip

Yesterday Reception Class and Year 5 went on a trip to Blackpool zoo. We saw lots of animals and learned about different types of habitats. You can read more here about our exciting visit!

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We know that Lent is a time when we reflect upon the sacrifices that Jesus made for us. It is a time of reflection where we think about the lives that we live and how we use our lives to honour Jesus. Lent is a time of compassion and charity where we put the needs of other people before ourselves. All of this helps to prepare us for the glorious resurrection of Jesus on Easter Sunday.

In this blog I would like you to write a prayer of thanks to Jesus for all of the sacrifices that he has made and to ask him to help us to stay strong in our sacrifices as we near the end of this Lenten period.

I look forward to hearing your prayers.

Mr Pugh

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We Love Reading

Last week the whole country celebrated their love of books through World Book Day. In this blog, I would like you to share information about your favourite author, the books they have written, your favourite book and why you like them so much.

Remember to communicate the joy you have felt when you read their books. I look forward to reading your Blog entries.

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This half term we have been looking at the biography ‘Manfish’ which tells us of the life of Jacques Cousteau. In the book we learn about the love that Jacques has for the sea, how he invented the aqua-lung and how he used this to discover many of the mysteries of the ocean.

In your blog I would like you to write about how Jacques would have felt the first time he explored the ocean using his aqua- lung. Remember to explain all of the different emotions that he would have felt and all of the wonderful thing that he would have seen.

I look forward to reading your descriptions. Remember to describe his feelings in less than 250 words.


Mr Pugh


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What did the Donkey think?

PIC BY MICK GALLAGHER / CATERS NEWS - (Pictured A Wild Burro in Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area) Whats so funny? This mule clearly found something hilari-ASS when he got up close to one photographer. The wild burro - which bears a striking similarity to Donkey from the Shrek movies - was captured on camera by wildlife photographer Mick Gallagher - who spent months trying to get close to the group. And when one animal finally decided to pose for the camera, it seems he found something to smile about - with hilarious results. Mick, 42, who has been working as a professional photographer after he was made redundant from his marketing job during the economic downturn, has tried to build a bond with the animals, which roam in the Red Rock Conservation Area, Nevada. SEE CATERS COPY.

Nobody would have know the burden that Mary and Joseph carried on their way to Bethlehem. It was such a joy for them to be the people that would bring Jesus up in the world, but at this time they would have to keep their news a secret.

As they travelled, they would have appeared like any married couple to the people that they met along the way. They had only shared the good news with each other. But, there was another.

On the journey, Mary and Joseph travelled with a donkey. As they shared their thoughts and feelings about their journey and about their future, the donkey listened.

In this blog, your challenge is to write a diary entry from the perspective of the donkey. What did the donkey think and what were the secrets that Mary and Joseph shared together?

I look forward to reading your diary entries!

Mr Pugh

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Year 5 prepare for Advent



On Sunday we began the time of preparation that we call Advent. During this time we make our spiritual preparations so that we can be prepared to receive Jesus. In this blog, I would like you to write a prayer to God asking him to help you to prepare your home, your life and your spirit to receive Jesus this Advent.

I look forward to reading your prayers!

Mr Pugh

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