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Welcome to our Year 6 Blog Zone!

We are going to use blogging as a tool to improve our literacy skills, in particular our focus will be writing. We will be writing using lots of different genres which could include diary entries, debates, story starters, story settings and many more.

We know we will have to try our very best with our writing as our audience is the potentially the whole of the world wide web. We would really appreciate you leaving comments as to what you liked about our writing and maybe a  comment of how we could  make our writing better.

All comments will go to be moderated before going live.

If you have any ideas of what you would like us to blog about, please add your comments.

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Top Table Awards

Well done to Charlotte and Farhan! Top table next week.

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Are you ready? We were born ready…

Condover Hall 2017!

Use this blog to reflect upon your time at Condover Hall. You did yourselves proud. It was emotional…

Which activity did you enjoy the most?

Which activity did you find most challenging, and how did you overcome your fears?

How did you develop as a person?

Obviously, this wouldn’t be a Year 6 blog without a bit of banter, so feel free to add some of this too!


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How to survive Year 6…and smash your SATs!

Congratulations Year 6: you did it! The dark cloud of the SATs has passed over us, but you avoided the storm. Instead, your knowledge, skills and understanding shone brightly from your eager minds and overpowered that feeble threat.

You may now consider yourself veterans of primary school: you have all become a highly-trained SATs Jedi!

With great power, comes great responsibility. It is time to use the Force…

The Dark Side are planning another attack on our school next year – they plan to return with a revolutionary battalion of SATs papers. We must ensure that a new group of Jedis are prepared for what they will face…

Master Yoda has sent instructions – you must share your experience of Year 6 to ensure that our current Year 5 are strengthened for the impending attack.

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Keep calm and enjoys your SATs!

We only have one more week in school before we take on the challenge of the SATs.

Mrs Ashall, Mrs Montell and I are full of confidence that you are all going to do tremendously well next week. You are highly-trained SATs ninjas, and those tests will not know what has hit them when you unleash the true potential of your immense brain power!

Use this blog to share your thoughts and feelings about SATs week, and take the opportunity to offer support and encouragement to your friends. We are one big team; together we will succeed in achieving our best.

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Raven’s Gate has opened.

“The Old Ones were expelled, sent to another dimension, and a barrier, a magical gate, was built to make sure they could never come back. This gate took the form of a stone circle and later on it came to be known as Raven’s Gate.”

Imagine that Matt had failed to close Raven’s Gate that night at Omega One…

Use this blog to write a setting description of what Matt might have found if he ventured into the other dimension. What would the despicable world of The Old Ones be like?

How will you create a threatening, intense and intimidating atmosphere? Remember to use powerful figurative language like personification, metaphors and similes.

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World Book Day 2017!

I can’t believe that World Book Day is 20. I was in Year 10 at school when it all began, and so many amazing books have since been written and published. Back then we’d never heard of JK Rowling, Michael Morpurgo or Anthony Horowitz. However, we were enjoying the books of Dahl, Lewis and Tolkien.

That’s the great thing about books – they’re timeless. A good story will never grow old! The books I enjoyed as a child, you are still enjoying today.

Use this blog to celebrate your favourite book. Write a review, explaining why you love it so much. How does the plot grip you? How has the author created tension, or helped to build empathy for the main character?

I’m looking forward to hearing what your favourite book is.

Mr Owens

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Be the change: unite for a safer internet!

Today is  Safer Internet Day 2017!

Today is a great opportunity to inspire each other to create a better and safer internet.

Use this blog to share your 5 top-tips for how to ensure the internet is a secure place, where respect and tolerance are shown by all. This is everyone’s responsibility. We must unite. We must be the change.

After each top-tip, explain how it may be achieved, and use examples to support your advice.


If you are really switched-on, you might use both forms of the subjunctive to communicate with your reader. 


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Spring fails to come to the Selfish Giant’s garden.

The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde

In English, we have been reading The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde. When he returns from his visit to see his friend, the Cornish Ogre, he decides to banish all visitors from his magical garden.

However, this decision backfires upon him: Spring decides that she cannot preside within a garden where children are forbidden. Instead of Spring bringing her elegant, majestic touch, his garden is inhabited by uninvited guests…

Use this blog to create your own characterisation. Remember to use powerful personification, precise verb choices and exquisite adjectives to create a vivid image in your reader’s mind. How do you want your reader to feel towards your character? How will you achieve this?

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During our class liturgy today, we thought carefully about Mary and how Advent represents the end of a difficult journey for her. Mary grew so much during this time. Her faith and trust in God provided her with the courage and resilience to overcome the challenges she faced.

During Advent, how can you use Mary as an inspiration for your own growth. How can you improve as a child of God? What challenges do you face which require bravery, and faith in God, to overcome?

In this blog, please leave your reflections on Mary’s journey and explain how you will try to grow during Advent.

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I have a dream…

I have a dream…

Dr. Martin Luther King Junior had a dream – he dreamed of an America where there would be equality for all. He spoke with passion and conviction; his words captured the imagination of a whole country and brought about change.

What do you dream of? How would you like your local community, our country or the world to change?

Using Dr. King’s words as inspiration, please write your own ‘I have a dream’ speech.

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