Year 6 Blog Zone

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Welcome to our Year 6 Blog Zone!

We are going to use blogging as a tool to improve our literacy skills, in particular our focus will be writing. We will be writing using lots of different genres which could include diary entries, debates, story starters, story settings and many more.

We know we will have to try our very best with our writing as our audience is the potentially the whole of the world wide web. We would really appreciate you leaving comments as to what you liked about our writing and maybe a  comment of how we could  make our writing better.

All comments will go to be moderated before going live.

If you have any ideas of what you would like us to blog about, please add your comments.

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4 Responses to Year 6 Blog Zone

  1. 0702009kg says:

    Safer internet day is here now everybody in schools across the glob is learning about it.
    Now people every were are about to stop. We all know people are doing stuff like
    Cutting there hands and legs and more sad stuff like giving up there lives.
    Now people can make it stop by blocking them and telling a parent or trusted adult.
    So places make this stop by helping girl or boy who is getting bullied online or report them and tell someone you trust.

  2. 0702010pp says:

    i can t wait for y6

  3. Mrs McGrath says:

    You have made a great start in Year 6. Can you all tell me how you enjoyed the Virtual Reality Google Expeditions? Where did you go to? What did you learn? How do you think it could have been even better?
    Look forward to hearing your ideas.

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