Martin Luther King and how he influenced American History

Our topic this term is Human Rights. We will discover what our Human Rights are and times in our history when these have been forgotten. We will also investigate famous activists and the roles they played in changing the views and opinions of their communities, countries and the wider world.

The first person we are focusing on is Martin Luther King and how he influenced American history. Below you can watch a video of his famous ‘I have a Dream…’ speech:

Learning Objective:

Once you have watched this video clip, write a short passage as to how you would have felt if you had been in the crowd.

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29 Responses to Martin Luther King and how he influenced American History

  1. 0702009jr says:

    During Dr. King’s speech It felt like he touched my heart while an ice cold tear rolled down my cheek. I was a very famuos person and very greedy and I should of thought more about other people. I am sorry.

  2. 0702009sp says:

    In August 28th 1963, Martin Luther King Gavered Lots Of People To Come To His Speach. I was There In The Middle Of The Crowd ,Singing A Battle Song Called “We Shall Overcome”. After Singing, Dr Martin Luther King, Gave His Opinion Upon Black People. This Speech Was Called “I Have A Dream”. During His Speach I Felt Respectful And I Suported Him. I Also Felt Like Everything Was Going To Change!

    • 0702009cf says:

      That was a great speech and I agree I would have felt respectful to him because it was a great speech and I also feel there would have been a change too.

  3. 0702009cf says:

    I would have felt proud to be in the crowd, because after his speech I would have felt proud to say I was there when that change happened.You could tell it was a very important speech after everyone listened and payed attention to what Dr.Martin Luther Kings speech.

  4. 0702009cs2 says:

    Martin Luther King gave an amazng speach and I agreed with him because people need to get off ther back sides and do the washing up ther self and they need to do jobs.How would you like it if you were a slave and was treated like all the black people (I am so happy he said that speach.)

  5. 0702009cb says:

    If I was there the feeling I would of had was a different kind of feeling between happy and angry at the same time but I’d still want a happy and wealthy life. But It still stroke my eyes when doctorKing said we are all eqaul.

  6. 0702009kg says:

    i wood feel happy and sad becos this is hart thotching

  7. 0702009eb says:

    My confidence would have been boosted, I would have been so grateful to know that I had someone who fought for my future to be much better. I would have felt so passionitive or Dr Kings work but also scared wondering what would happen if his work didnt workout. I would have been so thankfull towards Dr king, he was so determind to comlete his “dream” and was comited to go through anything and everything to make sure that his dream was acomlished.

  8. 0702009cs1 says:

    If I was there I would respect what Martin Luther King said and I would never forget him and what he had said on august 28th 1963.

  9. 0702009hh says:

    If i was in the croud the date of 28 of august 1963 i would be discusted because in the year 2015 we are all equal but in that time it was not in 1963. if i was a black i would be scared because what if matin luther kings speach just made things worse but i would still march on because i would want equality for all humans black or white.If Martin didnt do that speach the probaly be no eqality between humans and it would not be fair.Ifeel proud for Martin because itsa not easy saying a speach in front of 20 million people.

    • 0702009je says:

      I would have felt the same way if i was a black person and if i was at the Martin Luther King speech.Because i would have not wanted to be harmed or mistreated.

  10. 0702009kj says:

    it felt like my dream’s can come tru and lernd frome him that we are equal

  11. 0702009je says:

    It felt emotional and an honor to be their and i was greatful that that he was fighting for the right so black people can go to school with white people.My confidents would have been boosted.

  12. 0702009jj says:

    On August 28th 1963 during Martin Lurther King’s speech I felt he really helped all American blacks live a happy peaceful life. We all sang a song for our rights then we calmed and let the doc speak. He was inspirational!

  13. 0702009ah says:

    On August 28th 1963 dr. Martin Luther King is leading us through the streets as we all sing.we stand in silence and he starts his speech. He is the most insparational man I have ever met, his speech touched my heart.

  14. Mrs Lyons says:

    0502009lb comment :
    If i was in the crowd of the August 28th 1963 it took place in Washington D.C where the famours speech is being said by Martin Luther King. They were over 200,000 poeple. If you think about it that is lods and lods of people Marching. They are over 20 million black people in USA.They were film stars and politlcians an outher famours people there. The battle song was called ‘We shall overcome’.

  15. 0702009cb says:

    after that it was very sad everyone.But all black people must have felt ecstatic for what Dr king said in that speech I would felt very happy.

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