I had a dream speech …

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To record the events that happened on that famous day of Martin Luther Kings ‘I had a dream speech ‘

In this blog share the  facts you have learnt so far about Martin Luther King

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8 Responses to I had a dream speech …

  1. 0702009cs says:

    I would have felt relived and happy because Martin luther kings speech might be changeing the future for blacks .

  2. Kayden Whamond says:

    I learnt there is a song called we shall overcome

    • 0702009oc says:

      I also noticed that they sung the songs name over and over again.
      I also noticed every one joined in not just half the people and that every one listened to martin luther king and respected him

  3. 0702009tr says:

    Martin Luther King gave his speech August 28th 1963. They sung a song called ” we shall over come” his speach is called ” I have a dream” whites and blacks came from all over America. 200,000 people came marching.

  4. 0702009oc says:

    martin luther king was an inspirering man and touched hearts

    • Mr Owens says:

      I agree that Dr. King was an inspiring man. I think that the passion and belief in his voice was just as important as the words he spoke during his speech. It was an unbelievable success to bring together so many different types of people to protest for the same vital cause.

    • Kayden Whamond says:

      well done Owen well written

  5. 0702009cs1 says:

    The year was in 1963 28th august.

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