Raven’s Gate has opened.

“The Old Ones were expelled, sent to another dimension, and a barrier, a magical gate, was built to make sure they could never come back. This gate took the form of a stone circle and later on it came to be known as Raven’s Gate.”

Imagine that Matt had failed to close Raven’s Gate that night at Omega One…

Use this blog to write a setting description of what Matt might have found if he ventured into the other dimension. What would the despicable world of The Old Ones be like?

How will you create a threatening, intense and intimidating atmosphere? Remember to use powerful figurative language like personification, metaphors and similes.

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  1. 0702010ec says:

    Matt’s adventure begun in a small environment but big enough for him to move his body,arms and legs.Where is he?Why is he here?Next moment, he found a wooden, creaking trap door, which looked like it was very old by the looks of it.Matt still questioned where he was and why he’s here.What if something bad will happen to him?After realizing that he’s spent too much time thinking in his head, he quickly opened the trap door, climbed up the ladders, which were old-looking like the trap door, and found something amazing, exciting and weird…It was “Raven’s Gate”.”But why is it here?” Matt wispered to himself.It took him awhile to figure out what “Raven’s Gate” doing here.But he then soon noticed that it was there just to trap him in a world full of sorrow and a world that isn’t very pleasing to be in.It was like being in a room full of spiders and a load of “Mrs Devrill’s”.Matt shivered just thinking about Mrs Devrill, not just Mrs Devrill but spiders aswell!His face like he just ate a sour lemon.”I need to get out of here!” He shouted.Trying to close the gate, he gave all his strenth but it won’t budge one single bit.Matt couldn’t of carried for much longer, all his strength and energy was almost gone.He couldn’t give up!He won’t give up!What will he do? By E.C

    • Mr Owens says:

      You have written a good piece of narrative here Emma, which shows the emotional struggle Matt was going through – well done. Thinking about the task (to write a setting description of the other dimension), do you think you have shown this world to your reader? Can they picture it clearly? I think you should have another go. Talk to me for some guidance.

  2. 0702010jh1 says:

    The drop of ruby red blood hung on the razorblade of the knife. Just one drop would send the world as we know it into a spiralling decent. It was making the decision to fall or stay…gravity took this into its own hands. The droplet of blood fell with a splat onto the invisible barrier known as Raven’s Gate!

    It hit with the force of a bullet! The shield shattered, causing immense suction. Matt was ripped from the stone and forced into the land of the old ones. Falling, his one last cry echoed in his dimension but no-one was there to save him. As he was dragged through the void between the two dimensions all he could see was a withered hand reaching out towards him. He pulled away helplessly trying to fight off the anonymous hand and force of the void. It was no good, he was merely an atom in this unilluminated dimension.

    A while later he woke up thinking he was in hell. It was the land of the old ones. There was a stench of rotting flesh and the taste of death hung in the air. Matt fought back the urge to vomit whilst trying to get his bearings. He looked around cautiously so as not to draw attention to himself. There were chains hanging from a rock like surface that had been scorched by the sun. Skeletons of prisoners long dead were still held fast within the chains. In the distance, Matt could hear the screams of children and adults of all ages and genders.

    by jh1

    • Mr Owens says:

      The composition and effect and cohesion of this piece is great Joe. However, your punctuation is inaccurate in places, and I feel you could have used a wider range. Furthermore, could you have varied your sentence structure for effect? Do you think you have gripped your reader?

  3. 0702010ce says:

    Through the gate

    The gate had been re-opened, the old ones had been set free. There was nothing Matt could do as he was being sucked down into the darkness of the old ones home.
    The smell was vile. It smelt like blood which had been left for years. And that’s exactly what it was. The floor underneath Matt was transparent and on the other side of it was a huge pool of blood. It seemed to have been left there for a long time, because the red had begun to fade away. Now it was more grey/white than red. There were trees all around Matt. With their branches rotting away, the trees stood firm in the evil garden which they had been placed in. The sound of shrieking screams rattled through Matts ears as ghastly spirits passed by him. These demons were rushing up to get out of their revolting home, whilst Matt stood helplessly in the middle of the world’s worst nightmare. All around him, strange things were happening, like rocks falling off the roof, and blood oozing out of the floor. Matt was stranded in the old ones evil palace!

  4. 0702010jr says:

    Raven’s Gate: Beyond Omega One
    Omega One, a nuclear power plant, was left behind, crushed by the power of the Old Ones. Raven’s Gate had been broken, and would never hold the malevolent spirits back again. All he could see was black and burgundy spirals gyrating around him. Precipitously, everything stopped stirring. A small iota of illumination was swaying at the end of the netherworld tunnel, ridiculing him and making him feel shocking.
    He materialised inside a parallel world. It was flawlessly undistinguishable to Earth, apart from the fact that the flora was abnormal and the air felt mephitic to Matt’s lungs. A black sun recoiled in the corner of the depressing firmament of the dimension of the Old Ones. The austereness of the unacquainted ecosphere was as bleak as a cold stone. A dark spirit moaned at him, and an eerie plant seemed to be grinning evilly at him, pressuring him on.
    After seeing the spirit, he perceived a strange sight. There it was… Raven’s Gate stood proudly, knowing that it had done its occupation for as long as it needed to (well, for as long as about 100,000 years). It was a stone circle, as it was in its magnificence eras, and it was to be erected eternally. Matt thought there was still time to close Raven’s Gate, but was he accurate?

  5. 0702010aw says:

    Beyond Raven’s gate…

    The reaction had begun… The gate had opened!
    The sky was filled with darkness, the moon did not bare to glimmer its beautiful white. It had turned blood red, it was hardly seen: thunder clouds covered the air…

    The ground shuttered and cracked as the “Old Ones” fled back onto Earth. Matt was terrified. He didn’t know what to do… Matt just stood and watched – he was motionless. Smoke filled the air like it was the new oxygen, shadows seemed to turn alive. The red tint shun on the buildings making them seem sinister and very mysterious…The trees were all frail and dead. The land was now a fearful area.

    Everything was gone…

  6. 0702010lw says:

    The entomic reaction had begun. A bloodcurdling message shivered down Matt’s spine and as he looked down he could see a strident knife and on the tip was blood-blood as red as the devil’s horn. One drop would cause an overwhelming reaction and it was making a decision to fall or stay…gravity made the right decision for Sir. Michel Marsh. Suddenly a droplet of blood splattered and landed on the invisible barrier known to be called Raven’s Gate….they finally opened!
    Matt had entered and could hear the noises that were usually in his nightmares. Creatures clamoured out and as Matt walked on he saw that the immoral trees glaring at him with a sinister look. Matt knew his life was at risk but wanted to get out of the daunty place and to never arrive again.
    The sky was as dark as the night and was coming down with the gloomy clouds. Matt looked down and the transparent floor and further ahead fire alighting in the North. Matt had no turning back now…

  7. 0702010jb says:

    Raven’s Gate
    Rubicund blood lay at the tip of the piercing knife. One drop would have a devastating affect and send the world in a spiralling catastrophe releasing a beast of pandemonium and malevolent. The timeworn stones were rising from the ground it was going to be over in an instant. All that needed to be done was for the cold blood to hit the centre of the devil’s circle. Before anything could happen gravity made the decision for Sir. Michael Marsh the blood fell. As the blood was descending, the world just stayed stationary but before Matt could do anything the blood as red as ruby hit the floor with the force of a bullet… The gate had open!
    The tiled floor from underneath him started to decay. The old ones busted out in laughter as Matt, who was timorous, was getting hauled into the evil which was known as Raven’s Gate. He was being pulled through the end of times his head was in a mist of misperception. Was he going to live? How will he cope? Questions as such raced through is mine. Until he finally awoke to which he, at first sight, thought was hell!
    In a fit of confusion, Matt picked himself up and looked around him. The smell of burning filled the air. Opaque, grey rocks surrounded him with sludge underneath him and an orange sky was above him. Matt was in THE LAND OF THE OLD ONES!

  8. 0702010ec says:

    Raven’s Gate

    As Matt looked down, he saw a marble floor. Where is he? Why is he here? The atmosphere was cold like the North Pole, the floor was like an old marble flooring that you would find in an old, creaky, abandoned house, on a high hill where no-one would dare to visit. Matt then later heard a loud roar that sent shivers down his spines.
    “What was that?” Matt thought. He looked down at his shaking feet and saw a sharp blade, covered with blood but Matt wasn’t quite sure if it was bright red blood or strawberry jam. His eyes were blurring so he couldn’t quite make out what was on the knife but surely it wasn’t a good sight. The atmosphere smelt a bit like a room where no-one had ever entered. He heard footsteps from a corner but it was like on a radio, on repeat. Suddenly a droplet of blood splattered and landed on the invisible barrier known to be titled “Raven’s Gate”. Matt had entered and heard a magical sound, something that he would only see in a movie full of unicorns and fairy tales.
    “Woah!” Matt screamed. As he walked on, he could see the bright, yellow, golden sun floating in the diamond, blue sky and in the blue sky was flying birds looking for worms to feed their baby’s. Matt knew his life was at risk but he had to get out of this situation…but how? The sky was turning dark. It was so foggy he didn’t know what to do!

    By EC

  9. 0702010ma says:

    Raven’s Gate

    Matt had a great adventure. It was a hard one. He didn’t give up and continued his great adventure. He did a lot of different things and did a nice adventure.
    The drop of ruby red blood hung on the razorblade of the knife. Just one drop would send the world as we know it into a spiralling decent. It was making the decision to fall or stay…gravity took this into its own hands. The droplet of blood fell with a splat onto the invisible barrier known as Raven’s Gate!
    It hit with the force of a bullet! The shield shattered, causing immense suction. Matt was ripped from the stone and forced into the land of the old ones. Falling, his one last cry echoed in his dimension but no-one was there to save him. As he was dragged through the void between the two dimensions all he could see was a withered hand reaching out towards him. He pulled away helplessly trying to fight off the anonymous hand and force of the void. It was no good, he was merely an atom in this unilluminated dimension.
    (Anthony Horowitz books are great and powerful. Like describing thing he does it very good.)
    By MA

  10. 0702010jh says:

    Raven’s Gate…
    Matt was being hurled into a vortex of transcendent yellow. It felt like he was soaring through a tight tube. His arms were numb; they were still wrapped firmly around himself. He forced his eyes shut, yet peering out to see the ambience. Abruptly, he sprawled onto the damp floor, his chest pounding in fatigue. He looked up.
    The sky was a murky green, black stars scattered around in the atmosphere. The moon was hexagonal—as welcoming as Mrs Deverill. That reminded him. This was beyond the gate. This is where Matt’s destiny lies. The young boy was on a street, two extensive rows of derelict and dilapidated houses knelt down to him, urging him to come in. Then he noticed a solid, silver manor appear between number eleven and thirteen. Matt spun on his heel, gazing at the even numbers. He was stunned! The numbers leapt from ten to fourteen. A letter plummeted down from the sky, landing gracefully upon the mansion’s front lawn. Matt picked it up. It was addressed, “12, Old One’s Road, Raven’s Gate.”
    The young boy teared the envelope, and read the message, which was scrawled in untidy writing:
    “Dear the Old Ones,
    Raven’s Gate is open. The Fifth is here! Number Twelve.
    Marsh and Deverill.”

  11. 0702010lb says:


    The atomic reaction began. Matthew was getting sucked in. Soon he will be in the next world. Richard looked on – Helpless. A pale light appeared through the cracks in the floor. Then a roar came from deep inside the hard floor. The transition had been completed! Matt was gone…

    It was all tranquil in the new world. He landed with a crash on the floor. Fire burned around the boy. It was like hell. Matt tried to move but he was stuck. Stones wrapped round the boy’s legs. Volcanic ashes got stuck in his throat. Heat started to take control of Matt. He’s shirt started to grab him. ‘How am I going to get out and back home’ Matt asked himself. The ground burned he’s feet. Blisters started to form. Outside the cage was rocks causing an eternal blaze. It must be hell Matt thought to himself. The sky was a blood like red. No clouds existed in Ravens Gates. Life didn’t seem to exist either. This world was a demonic nightmare
    Then something struck Matt. RICHARD! What had the villagers done to him? Would they kill him or hold him prisoner. Then a noise echoed through the world. It was a cry. So Matt wasn’t alone in this cruel world. Someone or something was with him. Maybe that was his way home or a way to his death. The cage suddenly decreased in size and that meant less room for Matt to move around. The boy started hallucinating. Then he dropped! IT WAS THE END FOR MATT!

  12. 0702010jk says:

    Raven’s Gate: The New Dimension

    Matt had failed. He was slurped into the devious…Raven’s Gate. As he fell endlessly, his surroundings were covered with sinister flashbacks. He tried to use his power but it seemed to have drained out of him. A red glow shined upon Matt as he was trying to break free.
    Inside the transportation of Raven’s Gate it started to shatter. Suddenly, he fell into a worn out city with everything destroyed. All he heard was the wind whining, a smell that suffocated him as he was in pain. This was no place for anyone to live…
    In the distance, Matt saw a mysterious, black silhouette figure that got closer as Matt’s heart was racing with fear. His blood was like lightning, doing laps like a sweaty runner. He could taste his own fear.
    The unknown figure approached Matt and stopped to stare into his eyes with his devilish soul.
    By JK

  13. 0702010km says:

    Beyond Raven’s Gate…

    The single drop of ruby, red blood was just enough to open the dreaded gate…
    As soon as the knife, with a drop of blood hanging off the edge of the shiny, steel blade crashed down on the sacrificial slab of stone, the job had become complete. One of the old ones stretched out of the gate, unwrapped its jagged fingers from around its palm and each one of the tarmac-like fingers reached out and seized Matt in a cage of obscure destruction. Each one of the dreaded fingers was as large as a double-decker bus grasping him like he was a human ragdoll. Slowly, the young boy was being dragged across the shiny, red marble floor towards the origin of the hand (Raven’s Gate.) As the hand retreated into the gate, Matt’s body was imbibed into the gate until all that was left was a large crevice where Matt’s young, helpless body was engulfed. Concurrently, the boy was being dragged through the gate: the monster was too weak and large to fit through the gate. As he was being hauled through the gate, he realised why the Old Ones were desperately trying to break free from this place. The place where they “lived” smelled as bad as rotting flesh and vomit blended with each other and shoved under your nose. The ground was split into pieces just large enough to fit a minute, detached house frame with no front or back garden on. Not all of the islands were as big as this. Eerie screams echoed through the green dimension.

  14. 0702010pc says:

    Ravens Gate
    Matt’s adventure began in a small world but big enough for his body (arms and legs)
    Where is he? Why is he here?
    Next moment, he found a wooden, creaking trap door, which looked like it was very old by the looks of it.
    Matt still questioned where he was and why he’s here. The drop of ruby red blood hung on the blazed of the knife.
    Matt and Jayne Devil move to Yorkshire, Devil’s home, and she gets him to fit in.
    But she seems attracted to him in a sinister way when she sees his blood fall on the floor after her cat bites his hand.
    Matt faints become ill with pneumonia and sees Jayne Devil and her sister cure him with dark magic.
    Matt doesn’t know what to believe but he feels different and more confident.
    Jayne Devil gets him enslaved on her farm with her evil farmhand Noah, who is threatening and silent as well as mentally damaged.
    Anthony Horwitz book are fantastic. And very powerful and successful.
    By PC

  15. 0702010dc says:

    The new dimension…

    Matt was frightened. He was pushed into a portal by an unknown force, sending him into the old world… Matt was trapped, he was in a dark, cold, borded room well, and that’s what he thought anyway.
    All he could hear, was drips of water dripping on the floor every second. He walked around on the creaky floorboards not knowing where he was. He saw a door leading towards a tight tunnel. He walked through it and he thought it was getting smaller and smaller and smaller. It was getting a bit claustrophobic and tight to breath. Matt didn’t know what to do, He was in a world with only him in it. No help. He was stranded on a mystery world not knowing how to get back home. Will matt find a way out or not? Read the rest of Ravens gate to find out more! The next book of Ravens gate: Stormbreaker …

  16. 0702010ak says:

    Raven’s Gate: The other dimension
    The atomic reaction had begun! Matt had failed! A black crack quickly formed in the unforgiving ground which caused a black vortex to suck him into an unforgiving unilluminated dimension…
    It was a dark and disturbing place filled with a menagerie of rotting trees scattered all over the dark-endeavour and in the distance he saw an old person covered in wrinkly skin and long discusting nose it smelled like rotting bodies that have been there for thousands of years they were looming over him stalking him waiting to strike…
    BY A.K

  17. 0702010dq says:

    Ravens gate!!!
    The ugly, beasts that roam this place are foul. The water red like fresh blood; the trees like new, unused needles.
    The smell like rotted flesh and rancid blood mix together. The ground as rough as an old man’s skin. The grass black, dead and forgotten not been watered in at least 100 years the land that is forgotten. No humans anywhere just monsters and beast, the flowers dead and rotten never been watered they’ve only been watered by acid. A beast saw Mat but left him alone.
    The sand on earth it’s yellow but down here it is black. The sea on earth it is blue but down here its red.

  18. 0702010am says:

    Beyond Raven’s Gate …

    The atomic reaction had begun the gate had opened…
    The light took over Matt as he entered the land of the Old Ones, he felt a thud as he landed on a hard, solid surface. Sounds of spirits filled the air, even though he couldn’t see them. The smell of damp earth went through his nose. Where was he? This place was a mystery to him.

    The trees where all dried up, lifeless in this new land, not like the flourishing ones in the place he calls home. He suddenly realised that he was stuck here, in this appalling wasteland. The feeling inside him was full of failure. The moon dared not shine on this abominable place, the sky was as brown as chocolate. The mysteries of this world are open…

  19. 0702010gp says:

    Raven’s Gate: Another Dimension…

    Matt tried to close it, Ravens Gate. He had failed! He had been swallowed into another dimension… The gate had close, Matt could never get out! What would happen to Matt next?…
    He tried to open the gate, he had failed once again! He was in a new world, a destroyed 1670’s city, old ragged blankets all over the dented, concrete roads. Matt started to walk around trying to doge everything, making sure that he couldn’t get ill of anything. Matt saw a shadow. He thought to his self “there is someone here. I am not alone here…”
    The shadow walked towards him. Matt began to walk towards the unknown. He was wearing all black. Matt began to feel afraid.
    By GP.

  20. 0702010lg says:

    Raven’s Gate
    The gate opened. Matt fell through. The time had changed from night to day; it seemed the same. It was gloomy and dead. The only thing that lit up the place were the flames of hell. Skeletons inhabited the place but there was nothing like a like a deserted island. There was no living thing in sight; for all he knew there was no escape from this never-ending pit. There was a farm but the only thing there was deceased stems of plants. But in the distance he saw something getting closer, closer and closer…

  21. 0702010eb says:

    Raven’s Gate

    As Matt’s adventure begun behind a gate that didn’t look very nice he didn’t want to go through but he knew that he wanted to go through. But if you know Matt well enough you know that he is up for any challenge.
    When Matt walked through the gate…Darkness. Darkness entered the air as matt walked through the forgotten gate. As soon as Matt walked through the gate he looked down and saw old crackling stones that were as old as the gate its self. Then as Matt looked around a bit more he noticed a big black building that looked like it was on its last brick.
    Soon Matt started to smell very unusual things that smelt like rotten eggs but soon that smell started to get a lot worse t felt like it was strangling him he almost felt like his life was at risk. Then Matt new that he had to move away from this life risking smell.
    Then Matt started to hear very unusual things that nobody wanted to hear as they sounded like people whispering for help. But then Matt heard a loud scream that said HELP and Matt started to get a bit scared.
    By EB

  22. 0702010la says:

    The Old Ones Life
    Matt was pushed into the portal by an unknown force sending him into the old ones world… Matt was transported through a red hole and the remains of omega 1 went with him crashing with him banging together causing a loud bang. Matt’s eyes was fixed onto the end of the tunnel as it was getting smaller and smaller will he fit through it… the hole was slowly getting smaller but will Matt get there in time and will he fit through it. He approached the gap between him and the old ones world only a couple meter apart. He jumped through the hole just fitting though. He looked up and saw a stone slab chasing him but it didn’t fit through the tiny gap just leaving mat on his own in the old ones world.
    He found himself in a small room with black walls but the roof and floor where a deadly neon red there was no escape, well that is what he thinks. The portal what he just came from closed he was here forever.
    The room formed a gate way and Matt went through it. It looked completely different compared to the last room he was in. It was like a jungle and a swamp mixed together vines hung like dead bodies from the slender tree what seemed t was moving with the strong wind what came from the horizon of the swamp/jungle biome. The soil lay dead with bony skeleton arms reaching up. The fog was a virus which blinded all who comes into the dead man’s land. The sky was a red whirl what covered the sky what looked like a face fading away. There was no leaves it was bear with nothing but scrawny arms. There was no sound all silence Matt was a lone…

  23. 0702010mw says:

    An over-whelming force suffocated him, like a pair of wrinkled claws were clutching his neck. His nerves were frozen-as if he had just been forced into a bath of dry ice-and he couldn’t do anything to escape. The limestone floor was shedding away from under his death stone. Raven’s gate had been opened. “He couldn’t close it now, he couldn’t close it, but someone else could” he said to himself worryingly.
    An amalgamation spoke in a foreign tongue, “get rid of Matt to welcome me to your land!” Matt could just figure out what it was discoursing in, it was wingdings, and it was an ancient sacramental language. Spoken thousands of years ago, “Welcome Matt”, he was figuring out that, all the words, all the incantations had just been a minor distraction for his demise. Richard had a uneasy look on his abused face, one of the Old Ones

  24. 070year2010 says:

    Beyond the gate

    The atomic reaction had begun. The intense radiation was consuming him, pulling him into an unknown world. Matthew was strapped against the cold marble table – helpless. A red beam of light flooded into the white room, banishing Matt into the place beyond the gate. Matt was being transported into a mysterious realm. And was nowhere to be seen.
    Matt arrived at this demonic world, his legs bruised from the fall and picked himself up from the rocky foundation. As he started to regain his breath, poisonous fumes were infiltrating his vulnerable nostrils, interfering with his brain. Strands of venomous, toxic waste were floating in the thick air. Volcanic ashes were being jammed into his parched throat, preventing him from breathing properly. Silence controlled the land, expelling all sound.
    The sky was as red as blood. An eternal blaze erupted from the cracks below. Matt realized that he was on the territory of the old ones. He was beyond ravens gate. What would they do to him? He was trapped in this demonic world and there was no way to escape. Matt was trapped!

  25. 0702010mw1 says:

    Raven`s Gate: The old ones

    Matt`s adventure had come to the end: he was lying on the gate-the gate that led to the Old Ones dimension. He`s one of the power five the only ones who can extinguish them; this time it was like his power had been appropriated from him and that someone had adopted it using his individual power against him. The portal was green with whispers calling out for Matt. Now all he could hear was Sir Michael Marsh laughing as he descended into the Old Ones unscrupulous influence on anyone who enters their obscure world.

    He had landed… beholding the unpleasant sight Matt wondered around searching for an exodus; there were none apart from the portal that was fading away and out of his sight. The power five were no-longer five they were now four Matt was to be gone eternally! Meanwhile up in Omega One Sir Michael Marsh had done it he had opened Raven`s Gate and relished the Old Ones. Matt knew it this is what Miss Deveral wanted –she wanted to destroy of Matt.

    The sombre, dark sky loomed high over Matt a thick fog surrounded him blocking his sight. Taking advantage one of the Old Ones raised high over him but didn’t injure him all it did was make y=the world seem darker than ever.

  26. 0702010mi says:

    Reviling ravens gate
    As the sun was setting matt was pushed down onto the stone surrounded by all the villagers. As matt was being tightened down to the rock Matt thought of all the reasons of all the bad things that has been happening in his life. 1st his parents died in a car crash and that morning before he said he was ill he could smell burnt toast , before he was caught by a guard he could smell something burning , the reason why the pot fell and smashed he could smell something burning .
    As all the village started to make weird notices matt couldn’t understand Sir Michel marsh gripped his hands tightening his hands around the razor sharp knife. Then … matt slowly opened his eyes the he was trying to push the knife to matt. Slowly matt slid of the rock and without a sound ran over to Richard.
    Matt and Richard ran and ran hoping to find a way that they wouldn’t see Mrs Devril or anyone ever again. Not knowing who was watching them they caught up to a dead end. As he looked for a hiding place for them never to be seen again. Then coming out of nowhere was Mrs Devril holding a steal pipe in her sweaty, fat hands then without warning wacked it against Richard. Matt was wacked in the head with the heavy steel pipe and vanished down deep into the water.

    He was in ravens gate it was a dark and creepy room with pictures of all of the memories that they had there wasn’t one word that came out of the shadows, fire burst out in corners, flames danced around putting on a play of what had happened in the past above matt on the celling was jane dancing around happily. This is where matt will be staying for the rest of the world’s life until someone lets him out.
    By mi

  27. 0702010jg says:

    Raven’s Gate: the other dimension
    The unusual reaction started! Slowly Matt was transformed into a Bright black Vortex witch was directing Matt to the other dimension.

    It was Dark. It was Bare. Trees was swerving side to side. The red leaves scattered on the never ending paths what glanced at Matt. The cloudy sky hid. All you could see was glowing, bright stars shining upon the closed up old ones land.

    The Rotten twigs fell roughly on the rocky, dull path. The bright moon pierced through the Pitch black sky with was filled with grey clouds. All the trees closed up on matt. It looked like arms reaching out.

  28. 0702010jd says:

    Ravens gate: the next dimension
    Matt had landed. He slowly opened his eyes only to be greeted by a word of pain and destruction. The sky was blood red with shadowy figures of crows that never seemed to make any noise. Matt looked at the floor-pitch black as if a volcano was near. He put his hand to the ground, cold as frost, yet despite the lack of heat he had no intension of moving. Matt felt alone, but it’s not like he didn’t get much practice with miss Deveral. The never ending horizon was ahead of matt and who knows what was there: food/water, life or nothing.
    There were dusty cracks in the ground that lead to a world under this one. There was nothing no motions, no sound, no nothing. The sky was full of crows that didn’t dare to talk to fly to fast or to touch the ground. When they need to rest they pouched on an old decripeld tree. Matt was all alone. With no one to protection. Stuck on this world.

  29. 0702010jh1 says:

    ravens gate undefeated
    The drop of Mathew’s ruby red blood clung on the twisted blade of the knife: if it didn’t it would result in the world as we know it falling into a spiralling descent. The droplet of blood was making the decision whether to fall and end the world or stay and save the world. Gravity made the decision for it… It landed on the barrier that divided the oldone’s world earth, ravens gate!

    It fell with the force of a bullet on a sheet of paper. The shield disintegrated, causing an immense vacuum. Matt was ripped off the granite-like coffin and devoured into the void. Plummeting into the vast void, his one last cry echoed in his dimension but no-one was there to save him. Drifting in and out of consciousness, all Matt could see was a withered, scaly hand reaching out towards him. Mathew used the rest of his human energy to fight of this unspecified hand, but it was no good: he was an atom in the unilluminated dimension.

    A few minutes later- maybe hours later- matt woke up in the thought of being in hell. The scent of decaying bodies and the taste of your end comes with every breath you take. There were chains strapped to sun baked rocks and bones of what used to be people’s skeletons. Every second there were cries of people all ages and monsters asking to devour their flesh.

    Abruptly, the ground began to shudder as if an earthquake was occurring. It was getting stronger and stronger, matt- black, flaking legs with a weakened waist and a rounded stomach. Splats of blood were all over the creature’s chest. It was a disfigured face with teeth as big as elephant’s tusks.

    by jh

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