Keep calm and enjoys your SATs!

We only have one more week in school before we take on the challenge of the SATs.

Mrs Ashall, Mrs Montell and I are full of confidence that you are all going to do tremendously well next week. You are highly-trained SATs ninjas, and those tests will not know what has hit them when you unleash the true potential of your immense brain power!

Use this blog to share your thoughts and feelings about SATs week, and take the opportunity to offer support and encouragement to your friends. We are one big team; together we will succeed in achieving our best.

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25 Responses to Keep calm and enjoys your SATs!

  1. 0702010dc says:

    Its nearly Sats week and I am actually quite scared/nervous. I hope I do well and I will try my best to succeed. I will go to bed early so then the next day I will be fresh and ready for the day. I wish everybody good luck and have belief in yourself… You can do it!! Be smart:• S-self belief
    • M-motivation
    • A-awareness of others
    • R-resilience
    • T-Teamwork
    We are all one big team and if everyone can do it, then I can
    We have 4 days of hard work and after that we can enjoy the rest of year6 being together and enjoying having some days out, year6 is like a family we are one big team, , and we will all appreciate each others scores. Good luck everyone!! DC

  2. 0702010jb says:

    The SATs are here. No one who is sitting the SATs this year should not worry. I know that me and my friends are not worried and if you have worked hard during the year you will get what you deserve and if you haven’t work hard in the year keep your head down in the last couple of days and work really hard at home. You will need to drink a lot of water look, after yourself, get of the xbox and most importantly get to bed early. Looking after yourself will result in you being awake for the test’s and getting higher marks. It’s always a good feeling when you get past your target and exceed in your learning.

  3. 0702010km says:

    My feelings about sats week.

    I am quite exited for sats week because I know if I try my hardest, I WILL get greater depth in everything! This year has flown past me like Talonflame (the fastest flying Pokémon in the pokedex) and my fabulous teachers- Mr Owens, Mrs Ashall, and Mrs Montell have guided me in the right direction and equipped me with the correct tools to destroy the sat papers (not literally.) The sat papers don’t stand a chance against me and my mind!!!!
    By K.M.

  4. 0702010pp says:

    I can’t believe sats are here. I am nervous and so are most of my friends. It’s unbelievable how fast the year has gone and Mr Owens, Mrs Montell and Mrs Ashall have worked so hard to help us to do well. When SATS come that means leaving this School to go to high school. I have belief in all my class mates and me. I hope I will get good results in all my tests .

  5. 0702010jh says:

    I am looking forward to the SATs. It has come so soon and this year has flown by. We have been going to bead earlier, waking up sooner and going on less video games. I was quite nervous about it, but I am getting used to it and trying not to take it too seriously. However, I am still going to try my hardest.
    Mr Owens, Mrs Ashall and Mrs Montell have been helping us all year. They have done breakfast clubs and interventions. We’ve learnt a lot; I’ve understood that your attitude is more important than how clever you are.
    I really want to get greater depth in everything, get full marks in maths and at least 44 in reading. However, I’ll be happy with anything. Well…


  6. 0702010gp says:

    I can’t believe that its SATS week already! This year has gone soo fast. I am so nervous! I am starting to get worried whether I am going to do well or not At. As a class I think that most of us have done pretty well. Our teachers Mr Owens, Mrs Ashall and Mrs Montell have been amazing this year from teaching us things like how to do the subjunctive form to writing storys. This year has been amazing. I was so nervous when we first came into Y6, I thought the maths was to hard and I didn’t believe in myself but now I have started to build my self confidence up and started to find the maths still hard but not as hard as 8 months ago. If you are about to do your SATS then good luck.
    By GP.

  7. 0702010jr says:

    I am looking forward to my SATs though I am to some extent anxious. I am apprehensive about it because I have no idea what score I will get or what it will be like (the word SAT sounds daunting enough) and Year 6 has gone so proximately that it’s almost unmanageable. I’m also feeling a bit low since I have had so many virtuous reminiscences in this school and my time in Holy Infant & St. Anthony is coming to an end. I have been taught here by marvellous teachers (I couldn’t pick one. Sorry Mr. Owens) and these SATs are the last academic thing I will ever do here. If I am being authentic, I just want to get my SATs over with and get to the fun stuff, like Condover. I wish all of my classmates and myself too (typical) luck in the SATs.
    I am most worried about the stress and pressure of it all. I have been quite stressed recently, but then I realised that I am actually worried way more than I should be. SATs are clearly important but nowhere near as life changing as GCSEs or A levels. I am hoping to get Greater Depth in everything (typical me again) as I always want to do brilliantly in everything I do, whether or not it is inside of school. During this journey up to my SATs, my family, friends and my teachers have helped me to learn to give myself a bit of slack and not to be so easily stressed. I am glad they have done this as I am now happy and very ready for my SATs. Give me all you have got, SATs people!

  8. 0702010dq says:

    I’m really looking forward to it because it will be the most challenging week I’ve ever had in school but I like a challenge. I’m proper confident my Sat’s because with the help of my fantastic teachers Mr Owens, Mrs Ashall and Mrs Montel. I’m really focused that I can achieve my goal. The Sat paper I’m most looking forward to is the maths one because maths is my favourite lesson and I think that Mr Owens has confidence in me to do well.
    Good look to JK, OM and CE.

  9. 0702010lb says:

    I cannot believe it’s here already. THE SATS! It’s come so soon. This year has flown by. The early bed times, the waking up early, all the tests and no consoles will all be over soon. To be honest I have a lot of confidence going into the SATS with my recent scores but I am definitely not going to take it easy and be complacent just as my Mr Owens told me.

    The hardest test is probably the reading because it’s very difficult to spot mistakes and unlike the maths you can’t really work out and redo questions.

    But you never know what’s going to happen. I might do well or my mind might just go blank. Well whatever happens I know that my teachers have prepared me well.

  10. 0702010jk says:

    I’m really confident about my Sat’s because with the help of my teachers I’ve made incredible progress. I’m really focused that I can achieve my goal and probably beat it. I’m looking forward to do my SPAG test the most because that is the one I’m most confident with. SPAG is my favourite subject. Although, Mr Owens might not be too happy about that one. I’m glad about getting greater depth in SPAG [61] but not happy about getting the expected standard in Math’s [68]. With the support of everyone I know I will smash my Sat’s.
    By JK

  11. 0702010ec says:

    The SATs are her! About a month ago I wasn’t nervous, but now that it’s nearly here, I realise that time flies as quick as a flash. But now that I know my total score for maths, I’m pretty confident that I’m going to do OK. I wish all of Year 6 good luck and hopefully they will all do well. I’m motivated to work on my SPAG, and try to get greater depth on maths, if I don’t then I’m pretty happy with expected standard. I also hope that after the SATs, some people won’t get upset because of their score. Some people are just too hard on themselves and they don’t realise that they’ve got many years to improve and get better!
    I also hope that after the SATs, we can all relax and not worry about tests and getting a good score. Once again, I wish everyone good luck as well as Mr Owens, Mrs Montell and Mrs Ashall, who worked really hard to make us better and get us to where we are today.
    By E.C

  12. 0702010lg says:

    I am ready for the S.A.T.S I think. I think I will smash the maths S.A.T.S: I think my maths is strong because of the of the reviews I have in my maths book and on parents evening. We have just finished our final practise S.A.T.S and in the maths I got 105/110! The S.P.A.G test I think I will do well. There is 70 marks overall; greater depth is 61 and I got 59! Apart from reading I think I will do well! I am exited!
    By L.G

  13. 0702010pc says:

    I am a little scared for my SATs but I believe in myself and also I be leave in my class mates. We are all trying to stay calm and not freak out. We will all have fun, whilst trying our hardest in our SATs. If you are about to do them, then good luck!
    I am really looking forwards to the maths because it is one of my best subjects. The best thing to do is try your best in everything. I believe in you and so does everyone.
    The best thing to do is get an early night in bed and read a lot ,drink lots of water and eat a lot and try your best.
    By Poppie Connolly

  14. 0702010lw says:

    In SATs I feel very worried but I know I will do well. I have confidence in myself about my scores but I know I have to work extremely hard. I am anxious about my scores because I know I have to reach my expected number and I have the certainty to do it. I hope that everyone achieves great scores because they deserve it after all the hard work this year. Mrs Montell, Mrs Ashall and Mrs Owens have helped us through everything and made us believe in ourselves. I am most worried about my reading because im not reaching my expected score but I know I will do better and I certainly know all my class will achieve what they want .

  15. 0702010jg says:

    In sats week I am feeling worried but confident at the same time because I am worried about the score I am going to receive. I am feeling a little confident because I think I have made progress this year. I hope all of our class do well because they deserve it. On the day of the sats I need to work extremely hard. I am most worried about the reading and the maths paper but I believe that I can do it.
    I feel more confident now In maths and spag. I know these papers are going to show what set I am in.

  16. 0702010am says:

    How I feel about the SATs

    I am nervous but mostly exited, the SATs bring an awesome opportunity for all of the class to show their full potential. I have enjoyed Holy Infants from day one, and my way through school has been fantastic. When we did the gingerbread hunt and I read a clue in Reception (the gingerbread was in the hut in the playground). Then 6 years later I will be sat in the hall under time pressure doing my best and hopefully getting into good sets at Thornleigh. I know all I can do is my best and I shouldn’t be worried.

    I will miss everyone at Holy Infants and I will always come back to say hello.

    A message to year 6,

    I wish you all good luck in your SATs and remember all you can do is your best.

    From Abigail :)

  17. 0702010mw says:

    small worries about them.
    What I am excited for is that I (and the rest of class 6) have had a great year, whilst also learning some tricks for the SATS as well. I am excited because, after the SATS we can all relax knowing that we should be I am extremely excited for the SATS a few reasons and I have a few proud and that we can relax afterwards. I like that Mr. Owens, Mrs Ashall and Mrs Montell have been great for support all through this year. We have been put into papers from last year and ones just as hard (if not harder than the real SATS.

    I am a little worried if I perhaps miss a page or a few questions but I know that I am going to check thoroughly as much as I can. Good look to everyone and have a great year.

  18. 0702010mi says:

    I’m excited/scared mostly excited because when the SATs is over we can enjoy the rest of the year in year 6. I am scared of not doing good on my SATs . I’m sad because I don’t want to leave this school. I’m excited about the year 6 leavers assembly and what part I might get.

  19. 0702010aw says:

    How I feel about the SATs

    I am very nervous because I don’t know if I will do very well. Also everyone has basically begun their SATs in the beginning of the year in our writing. But I’m still confidant because will try my best and that is all that matters really. I am looking forward to it because since Year one (When I joined) I’ve been learning new things and methods to work things out too. I’m excited for my classmates because they all have made progress and I hope they all get the score they are happy with!

    I’m grateful for my 3 teachers for teaching me and my classmates all year. Mr Owens, Mrs Ashall and Mrs Montell has been helping me all year. Mrs Ashall has taken children in small groups on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She has held back some children in Assembly time to work on Maths. Mrs Montell has done morning clubs. The lessons are: Math, SPAG and Reading at 8:30am. Also she has done small groups as well. Mr Owens helped us to try our best, I used to be scared of Monday’s because of the Arithmetic test, but now I am excited for it!

    A message for my class: No matter what you get, you still can improve your skills, I hope you live your dreams!
    From AW 😀

  20. 0702010ce says:

    The SATs are only one week away and all of us (the year six pupils) are exited. But there are some things that a few of us are worrying about, as well as that, there are somethings that we are looking forwards too. Personally I am a bit worried about the SATs mainly because of the reading test, but I believe in myself and in my class mates.
    I know that all of my mates in class are exited for the maths test and I am too, but most of the people in class are dreading the reading test. Personally I think that the reading test is the hardest test by far and it’s the test that most of us struggle on the most.
    Luckily we are all keeping calm and not worrying or making a fuss about the SATs. Hopefully everyone will get the results that they want and no one will be upset with them
    I believe that we can all do well and good luck to all my mates.

  21. 0702010mw1 says:


    There’s only one more week until our SATs and I`m looking forward to them. There are some people I n year 6 who are felling nervous but with the help of Mr Owens, Mrs Montel and Mrs Ashall we`ll all do well. Personally I’m a bit worried mainly because of the reading test I believe in myself and all my class mates too.
    Most all my class mates have a passion for maths and are all excited for it and I am too, but I think the reading test is the hardest by far as that’s probably what we most struggle on. Personally I think the reason why we struggle is because it’s on a Monday morning after the weekend.
    Luckily we are all keeping clam and find the strength to reach and go beyond our personal targets. I hope we can all manage to beat our targets and for me to get over 80.
    We can all do it!

  22. 0702010ak says:

    How I feel about my SATS
    I feel that the SATS have come a bit too quick. It feels like a couple of weeks a go we just arrived, but were deep into the year. But as I feel a bit nervous I know I have the best three teachers to keep me confident. They have give me all I need to know to do my best, like before school groups staying behind after lessons. Also I have the best friends to keep me on track. To try my best and do what I want to accomplish, and if your SATS are upcoming I ‘ll give you some advice: try your best, stay confident and don’t worry!

  23. 0702010eb says:

    How I feel about my SATS
    When I started year 6 I then knew that my SATS would be right round the corner and they are it is only a few days away and I am not sure how well I am going to do so I am going to tell you how I think about them…Well I am feeling quite nervous as I don’t know how I am going to score but I hope that all of my class mates do well in their test. I am very glad that I have three teachers that help me with my Maths and my English so I would like to say a big thank you to Mrs Ashall, Mrs Montell and Mr Owens. So I would like to give a big good luck to my friends AM,EC and AW.
    By EB

  24. 0702010jd says:

    I’m confident in my maths, although I might not reach my target I think being four or five marks of isn’t bad. I am also pretty confident on my SPAG last time I got 50 out of 70 but I was focusing way too much on the early questions and I know I can easily get over 50 if I don’t. The one of my sats that I’m worried about is my reading because I can do good on my reading but its just the time preasure.
    Over all I think ill do well nin my sats.

  25. 0702010la says:

    I have been aware of my Sats coming up in the near future and I want to tell you about what I feel.
    To be honest at the start of my journey of year six I was absolutely dreading the Sats but with the help of Mr Owens (My teacher) and the motivation of my family I have come to realises that it isn’t all that bad. I want to say a big thank you for all who helped me on the way and especially my grandma who I want to say a big thank you to without my grandma I would probably be terrified of the Sats she was the who made me catch up with the pack when I was falling behind, she has been supportive all the way from year 1 to now where in one-week time I will be faced with my Sats.
    I want to say a big thank to my teacher Mr Owens who has in my personal opinion has been the best teacher who has ever taught me. I want to say another big thank you to Mrs Ashall and Mrs Montel who have been a big help to me.
    I want to say good luck to my fellow friends in my class who are going in the same situation that I am going through some might be scared of the Sats but let me insure you it will be done and over within a few days.
    I will keep my body physically healthy and mentally healthy for the big week of the Sats and I will be ready to take on Sats

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