How to survive Year 6…and smash your SATs!

Congratulations Year 6: you did it! The dark cloud of the SATs has passed over us, but you avoided the storm. Instead, your knowledge, skills and understanding shone brightly from your eager minds and overpowered that feeble threat.

You may now consider yourself veterans of primary school: you have all become a highly-trained SATs Jedi!

With great power, comes great responsibility. It is time to use the Force…

The Dark Side are planning another attack on our school next year – they plan to return with a revolutionary battalion of SATs papers. We must ensure that a new group of Jedis are prepared for what they will face…

Master Yoda has sent instructions – you must share your experience of Year 6 to ensure that our current Year 5 are strengthened for the impending attack.

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25 Responses to How to survive Year 6…and smash your SATs!

  1. 0702010pc says:

    Just try your hardest. If I am being on east they don’t mean that much. But they do mean what set you will be in, in year 7. And after year 7 you will do new ones. But year six is your time to try your hardest. The learning is the hard bit, the SATS are the easy bit. The SATS are only the easy bit because you get taught to do your skills and when you do your SATS you will nail it because you will know your methods. The best advice I can give you is try your best the whole way throw year 6. Xx this is just a boost in the are so you do well.

    by PC

  2. 0702010km says:

    How to survive your sats.

    When your Y6 journey, it can sometimes be tough or scary and the way to conquer it is to knuckle down and work hard.
    Sometimes, your mind can become crowded with fear of the ‘dreaded’ SATs. Just don’t worry about a thing, coz every little thing is gonna be alright. I said don’t worry about a thing coz every little thing is gonna be alright. Yeah!

  3. 0702010jr says:

    SATs Wars

    The SATs are genuinely not as unbelievably hard as the teachers will make out. Still, you have to work hard because they will be harder for you if you take it easy. I used to be irritated because I had loads of stuff to do, as if the SAT exam wasn’t stressful enough.
    A bit of stress is good, but too much pressure can make you ill. You don’t even need to stress. I stressed a lot, and now I wonder why I even put myself under pressure at all. Don’t stress about SATs, they’re not worth it. Mr. Owens told us that the SAT people sit in dark rooms and plan how they are going to trip the northerners up. Don’t let those southerners trip you up.
    At the end of the year you will be complaining to them about it not being challenging enough (trust me, I wanted it to be harder.) You will absolutely smash the dark side. I know you will because I believe in you. Just don’t make any boo-boos (mistakes, but Mr. Owens’ version).
    You will do really well with Mr. Owens as your teacher; he will make you a SATs Wars Jedi, just as he did with us. Your lightsabre will be your excellently well-trained brain and the force for you will be your working out in maths (just do it, it helps). Good luck for Year 6!

  4. 0702010dc says:

    Survival guide for year
    Year 6 is probably the best year in primary. You have loads of fun and the best thing is, MR Owen’s never shouts! Its a great class and you will always feel welcomed. If you get stuck on anything, either Mr Owens, Mrs Montel or Mrs Ashall will come and help you.When your in year 6, you do a thing called sats. Sats is a set of tests that do near the end of the year and you will really smash it because you will know all your stuff because the teachers in year 6 are brilliant at teaching you things Mr Owens is a very funny and enjoyable person. He always makes us laugh and has the best Banta. He loves maths and always talks about it! But overall he is a very kind teacher! At the end of year6 after the sats you will have loads of fun and laughter. You will go on class trips out to the cinemas and macron and also you go to condover hall for the whole weekend! Over all, year6 is probably the best class in primary. You will enjoy it so much and honestly when you leave you will really miss this class and this school.
    I hope you enjoyed this guide and I will miss you all! Good luck in year6 !

  5. 0702010lb says:

    YEAR 6

    Year 6, the final chapter in your primary school life. The year you find out your secondary school. The year you go to Condover Hall. THE YEAR YOU DO YOUR SATS! But, the question on everybody’s mind is, HOW DO YOU SURVIVE THEM? Well lucky for you, I’m here to tell you but don’t take too long reading this because they will be here before you realise it!

    The number one thing that decides between: greater depth, the expected slandered and working towards is your attitude. You may be gifted at maths but if you don’t use it and think you’re going to get everything right, well you couldn’t be more wrong. It’s just like football. You may have the best skills but if you don’t use your skills on the pitch you classed as not as good as your actually are. But on the other hand, you can be terrible at football but train really hard and win the golden boot. So if your terrible at maths but do extra revision you can become the best mathematician in your class.

    Another rule is don’t be complacent. You may arrive in year six on top of the ladder and your friend may arrive near the bottom but that can change in the blink of an eye. You could coast through Year Six but your friend could work as hard as he could, pushing himself to the limit. So, when the SATS come around he is above you in the knowledge ladder.

    The third most important rule is never give up because at the end of every storm there’s a golden sky. So the work may be the toughest you’ve done all year long but never ever give up! It is the same in your Sat’s. Question 34 on the arithmetic may be a really hard division but don’t give up

    So if you follow these rules you will defeat the dark side and rule the galaxy

  6. 0702010aw says:

    SATs Wars

    Year 6 is the final chapter of your Primary School life… It’s the time to become a SATs Jedi! But, it’s most challenging year you will face in Primary. In order to get the best result you should follow this advice!

    You should start Year 6 with FULL focus! Don’t try to do different methods than what the teachers tell you to do. Only use different methods when you know they work!

    Also you should know that SATs aren’t as hard as they seem. Actually, they are pretty fun! The teachers are very supportive also you will do many practice Arithmetic tests. Slowly you will get better scores! So don’t be too upset if you get 13/40 the first time.

    Starting Year 6 with confidence, self-belief and resilience is a great idea. Because having belief and resilience will make you want to go further in your Math, Literacy and so much more! Self-belief is also vital in Year 6. In Year 6 you should believe in yourself and trust your instincts!

    You will do many practice SATs tests in Year 6. They will come every 6-5 weeks. As I’ve said, Arithmetic tests you probably do every week on a Monday or Tuesday. They will help you improve your skills in dealing with different type of question.

    In Year 6 don’t be afraid to be your unique self! Year 6 is a warm and welcoming. All you have to do is work hard!

    P.S Don’t have too much Banta or talk about Football in front of Mr Owen for he will talk about it for 30 minutes straight…
    Follow these steps to become a pro SATs Jedi! Make sure you defeat the dark side!

  7. 0702010am says:

    How to survive Year 6

    Year 6 is probably the hardest year in Primary School, these are some tips for Year 5 on how to survive it.

    Year 6 is a great year but a difficult one, you have so many opportunities put in front of you it is hard to just choose a couple to do. All of this leads to the 8th of May where for 4 days Year 6s have to defeat the SATs! The SATs cloud was made to destroy the young Jedi’s by the Dark side, Darth Vader. They are not as difficult as teachers make it out to be, but they do this so they can push you to do your best and defeat the Dark side.

    You should star Year 6 with confidence and focus, you need to focus on how to do what you are learning to do. Because if you don’t then you will fall behind on the aspect of learning your class will get better at. And you need confidence to improve and to succeed.

    Another thing to note is that you will do a lot of tests called Arithmetic tests. Your score ill improve over time so don’t be disappointed with 16/40 on your first try.
    In Year 6 just be yourself no one is going to force you to be someone else.

    DON’T have too much Banta or talk about Football with Mr Owens because then he will just carry on and on and you will learn nothing.

    Follow these tips young Jedi and you will be able to defeat the dark side.

  8. 0702010lw says:

    Dear Year 5,
    Y6 has been a great and successful year of my life so far. There have been many great memories and yr6 is all about motivation and teamwork because we are all in this together and together we can make it through a tough year. When you’re in yr6 you really have to listen carefully to Mr O because he is helping you with your situations of learning that you’re struggling in. Mr O, Mrs M and Mrs A help you provide for your SATs with easier methods in your work. But the only thing that I regret doing this year is talking so much during lessons. While you’re in Yr6 you should never talk during lessons: you shouldn’t talk during lessons because it can impact on your life negatively like getting unexpected scores in your SATs. Many people worry about their SATs but there’s nothing to worry about because Mr O, Mrs M and Mrs A have tried their best all year to prepare your for what is coming. The only thing they can say when the time is coming is

  9. 0702010lw says:

    Good Luck ^ Lw

  10. 0702010lw says:

    good luck

  11. 0702010mw1 says:

    YEAR 6

    When you enter year 6 in September you`ll feel excited but also a little scared. Because this is an important year –this decides what set you`ll be in secondary school. This guide about year 6 is for the current year 5 and next year 6 students the SATs seem a long way, but really they can arrive in a blink of an eye.

    The future of the Jedi’s are relying on you, next May the darkness will come upon you and you need the defeat it with style. The malevolent STA (which means standard testing agency).

    To survive year 6 you`ll need to cope with the arch bishop of Bantervill, who comes up with some decent jokes. Always suspect a cheesy or cringe joke.

  12. 0702010jg says:

    Year6 Preparation
    Year 6 has been a successful year for me and you have to work hard to get the scores you want. You might find year 6 challenging at first but you get help if you don’t understand. In year 6 it’s all about being motivated and you have to believe in yourself. To understand things you will need to listen carefully and be switched on every morning. Sometimes I have talked in class whilst Mr Owens has been teaching and now I know that it is not a good idea. You will be fine with your SATs but you will get what you deserve it all impacts on your seven years through school.
    This year you will have so much fun but to receive that you will have to work as hard as you can, all you can do is try your best. Also whenever you’re working with fractions Mr Owens always says use the bar model. 6
    To battle the SATs you have to be focused. Good luck you will all do well.

  13. 0702010jh says:

    Xtreme Survival in Year 6
    Year 6 is the ultimate challenge in your primary school life. The one thing you might think about is the dreaded SATs week! So to prepare for this, you need to work hard. When you start this class, you might think that the s-word—I don’t mean sword—is an era away, but it’ll be here before you know it. This is why I will tell you how to persist Year 6 with my Xtreme Survival tips.
    First, you need to try hard right from the start. As proven this year, your attitude towards learning effects your results a lot more than how clever you are. You should listen to your teacher and never give up. If you try your best and pay attention to everything, you’ll learn more than you think you could.
    I’ve learnt lots of things this year: lots of algebra; verb forms; and how to spel adventurous words. I also learnt how to punctuate that sentence.
    So to succeed in Year 6 you need to focus and make the most of primary.

  14. 0702010ec says:

    Survival Guide for Year 6

    When you eventually reach the week before your SATS, you will feel lots of nerves and excitement. A good advice people would recommend if you feel loads of nerves and anxiousness is if you wake up an hour earlier than normal. This will make you feel wide awake and also gives you more time to think about what methods you’re going to use, what you will do differently and who you’re going to try your best for. But remember after you pushed yourself to do the best you can do on all five papers and smashed them all then that means that you won’t have to worry about anything, and just have fun!
    The thing that you have to remember when you finish your SATS is that you have it behind you and loads of fun, exciting things in front of you, like: Condover, Moss Bank park, 2 week holidays and ‘The Bugsy Molane Roleplay’. So if you think about it, you only have to worry about four days when after, you have tons of amazing activities ahead of you and a relaxed 8 weeks.

    By EC

  15. 0702010dq says:

    Hello year 5’s,in this guide you will be taught how to defeat the evil Sat’s .First just be calm and try your best in everything you do in year 6 because if you do well in every lesson it will be build up to your Sat’s. Also if you always think you’ve done well in a test you will be confident in your SATs. Always don’t stress because if you do you will do badly.

  16. 0702010jb says:

    How to survive the year six SATS
    Year six is the last chapter of your primary school life and should be one you enjoy. Going to Condover and Middlebrook are two of many things you do after you have conquered the SATS. But the question on everyone’s mind is how do you overcome the year six SATS and become a SATS Jedi? The main rule of year six is the have fun and enjoy every minute of it. But how do you have fun and work hard at the same time you might ask but that’s simple. Follow the good to be green rules and don’t give up or you won’t go far in life. Furthermore, you need to realise the Mr Owens is the king of banter and not to mess with him.
    Bear Grylls, master of survival and overcoming anything, would not be able to work out what the past progressive is or survive the reigns of the king of banter Mr Owens. With nearly the whole country aiming for greater depth the government, who sit in dark, dark rooms, have to make the tests harder and harder each year. So you need to have the right motivation.

  17. 0702010mi says:

    Preparing for year6 SATs
    When I first started year 6 I knew it was time to focus on my work. At the beginning of the year I thought all my life I haven’t been focusing enough but this is my chance to get all the hard work back. If you focus enough for the SATs it will be easy, all they do is just mix up the numbers in maths if you practice a lot it will be easy and it will be done before you know it. Be carefully because the year 6 SATs will be here before you know it!!!…
    I was told that if you look at someone’s test then you will get your papers ripped well if you follow these rules it will all be ok.
    . Work as hard as you can to finish the questions and if you’re stuck then ask a teacher to help you or read the question for you it always helps
    .Always do your homework because in high school you will need a really good explanation for not doing your homework.
    .When it comes to SATs there’s no need to worry as long as you had followed these rules you will do fine but the most important rule is always have fun

  18. 0702010la says:

    My Quick Guide to Survive Year 6
    You are an adventurer who has come from a far far galaxy; your mission is to your travel to planet year 6 what legend says it holds the Darth SATs Paper. Planet year 6 will be the most dangerous and toughest mission you have ever been assigned to you will not be alone, your fellow friends of year 5 will be alone the journey with you.
    How to Survive Your First Few Days In Year 6
    To survive planet year 6 the main weapon you will need is the SMART gun what consists of 5 words: Self Belief; Motivation; Awareness of Others; Resilience; and Team work. You need to be focus from the start of your journey to the end of your journey or you may never finish your journey… Keep your listening cap on because Jedi Owens will give you some tips and tricks and you will learn a lot of handy things.
    What to Do When You When You Meet Darth SATs Paper
    You will need to approach Darth SATs Paper with a calm and cool approach or you will not succeed. When you are in battle with Darth SATs Paper you must put all of your strength and mind to that one week

  19. 0702010ce says:

    This guide is made to give year 5 students a tip they need to destroy years 6 and the SATs.
    One main thing that you must do is work your hardest every single lesson. Because you may think that you have tons of time until the SATs, but they come a lot faster than you could ever imagine. So don’t think that you should only try hard when you’re close to the SATs because you defiantly won’t have enough time to get yourself prepared.
    Get ready for the SATs and get ready to smash year 6.

  20. 0702010jk says:

    Sat’s Wars

    As you may know, you are going to soon be in year six. And as you will approach your Sat’s you’ll be trained to become a Jedi Master. To become Sat’s Ninja’s you will first have to learn the dark sides tactics and defeat them before being conquered. You need to train, concentrate and be prepared for what is yet to come. When you are ready and trained your mission is to defeat the dark side. May the 4th be with you.

    By Jk

  21. 0702010gp says:

    Dear Y5,
    When you come into Y6 it will be a lot more challenging compared to Y5. All you need to do is work hard focus and try your best. It will go so fast in Y6 you will be in Y7 before you know it. When you get into Y6 you ill have so much fun and I guarantee that you will not have one single lesson that you will not enjoy. When your doing your SATS don’t even worry because they will fly bye and you will do as well as you like. Just go into them feeling confidant not scared. You will do much harder maths that the maths in the SATS. So just feel CONFIDANT because all you need to do is focus and your will do so so so well. The dark cloud will pass over you and you will avoid the storm. Whoever is reading this tell Mr Pugh to start giving you some tough work to get you ready for Y6.
    By GP.

  22. 0702010ak says:

    Preparing for the SATS

    The year 6 experience is amazing. The SATS make you nervous and you start to think about if you’re going to do well. But, after the SATS there are many fun things to do like: Bugsy a fun play, and lots of P.E. This guide will give you extreme information about how to conquer the SATS and defeat the dark side! My advice to you is to not worry and be full of motivation. The lessons you do will be difficult but if you are resilient you will succeed. Do not let your nerves take over, and at the start of the year you need to work hard right until the end.
    The teachers you will have are very nice and funny especially the arch bishop of banterville (Mr Owens). He is the best, he is funny and nice. I give you good

  23. 0702010mw says:

    Greetings students of year 5,
    Many people think that the SATS are the hardest thing they will ever experience in their life, and that they will have to join the ‘DARK SIDE’ (the government, and cheating…
    The main rule for surviving the SATS, is to keep your head down and focus hard on the lesson, whilst ‘having fun’ and enjoying your year.
    Now no-one wants you to imagine that year 6 is all hard work. Whilst challenging work is a type of experience you will uncover, you will also unearth great amounts of memories that will brighten your year.
    The force is strong in this classroom, because we have got the (Mr. Owens), Mrs Montell and Mrs Ashall. These teachers will SATS and have a great time.

  24. 0702010jh1 says:

    My advice for you in year six
    Year six is a very important year for everyone. My advice is just respect and focus one your work. I have had an amazing year in year in this class. This year I have learnt so much like complacency (not being over confident with your tests/SATs). If you don’t want to be a MacDonald worker then I suggest that you have a consistent determination from the very earliest second of your first day to the last second of year six. I hope you can take banter because Mr Owens is the arch bishop of banter Ville. It is an amazing class hope you take my advice.

  25. 0702010om says:

    Y6 Preparation
    Year 6 is a very important year for everyone because there are SATs, which are the most important tests of primary school. However, in Year 6 one of our key rules is to have fun, but in my eyes these are the additional things you need to do.
    My advice for Year Five pupils is to work as hard as you can from the start of the year to the end of the year – it is important to be consistent. Also, listen to the teacher like you would want to be listened to. Furthermore, be kind, polite and helpful to people around you. Moreover, don’t give up on your hard but fun maths and have the RESILIENCE and MOTIVATION to succeed.
    It is good in year 6 because Mr Owens always trust us and because he always trust us we can do a lot more but he only trust us if we are all good. O.P

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