Are you ready? We were born ready…

Condover Hall 2017!

Use this blog to reflect upon your time at Condover Hall. You did yourselves proud. It was emotional…

Which activity did you enjoy the most?

Which activity did you find most challenging, and how did you overcome your fears?

How did you develop as a person?

Obviously, this wouldn’t be a Year 6 blog without a bit of banter, so feel free to add some of this too!


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16 Responses to Are you ready? We were born ready…

  1. 0702010gp says:

    My time at Condover hall!

    Condover hall is the best place I have been with my friends so far. Me and my friends have now got stronger bonds. When we first arrived at Condover hall I didn’t think that it would be as good as it actually was.
    The first activity that our group did was the climbing wall, which was actually a bit scary but when I started to go up I thought that I wouldn’t be able to even get half way but I made it to the top and I was so proud because it helped me overcome my fear of climbing along with the leap of faith (ariel trapeze) and ariel trek which is 35ft high. We did something called sensory trail which is a trail that you go on blindfolded and you have to go through lots of obstacles and you get really wet and muddy which I wasn’t keen on doing but I got through it.
    Condover hall was the best weekend of my life. I have had the best weekend with the best teachers and friends in my life!
    By GP

  2. 0702010la says:

    My time at Condover Hall
    My experience at Condover Hall will always be in my memories forever. I have had many occasions like Condover Hall but they was not the same. The staff always made you feel great about myself and they always welcomed me to every activity with a warm welcome. My main fear is heights and surprisingly my favourite activity was to do with heights which was called the Arial Trek (what was basically an obstacle course in the sky) even the sound off it send shivers down my spine, I don’t know what happened but a lot of courage came to me, I completed it and what I am most proud of was that I got the fastest time of the day it may not mean a lot to you but I means a lot to me, by the way it was 35 foot in the air. My least favourite activity was the rock climb another activity to do with heights which I failed to complete one look down can send panic to me. I was part of the Banter-Infantry don’t ask me who came up with the name but somehow it became our name and our leader was Mr Owens (who is the Arch Bishop of banter). I really enjoyed my time at Condover Hall and if you ever go I have one piece of advice don’t look down on the climbing wall.

  3. 0702010jr says:

    My Condover Experience
    Last weekend, I went to Condover with the rest of my class and did lots of activities. In terms of activities, they were all brilliant and productive, but I have to say that the Laser Conquest was my favourite. In Conquest, we had laser guns (don’t get your hopes up, they weren’t real) and we went into a maze and shot each other. Let me just warn you: that maze is baking. We might as well have been inside an oven in a Carr’s Pasty shop. The green team won, and that was my team. We were led by Lightning (a.k.a. Mrs. Montell) and we thrashed Red Team.
    I conquered my small fear of heights on the Leap of Faith, a wonky wooden pole that you had to climb up and then jump to catch a trapeze. I felt like I was jumping to my death!
    I found out my secret talent of jumping on the Leap of Faith, my secret sneakiness in Conquest. Condover made me see a different side of myself: the ‘challenge myself more’ side.

    (P.S. If you are Mrs Montell, read my P.S.S.)
    (P.S.S Montell, Montell! Let’s all do the MONTELL SHUFFLE!!!)

  4. 0702010jg says:

    My Time At Condover Hall
    Condover hall was an amazing experience. I overcame so many fears and did things witch I won’t get to do again. Before I went to Condover I had a massive fear of heights and when I got there I said I wasn’t going to do any of the high activities. But I got there and motivated myself and did all of them. Once I knew I had done it I felt proud. One of the fun and best times was when all the girls did Mrs Montell’s makeup and she said she wanted to look 25 years younger. Condover hall will always be carried along the way with me and will never be forgotten. I was In Mrs Montell’s group [the best group]. The whole class and my group was so supportive and helped me through the fear I was feeling when I was climbing but I enjoyed every moment. The scariest moment but also the thing that made me most proud was when I did the Ariel trek and the leap of faith. I never would of thought of me being successful on these activities. Condover hall is one of the best things happened to me in my life and will be in my heart forever.

  5. 0702010pp says:

    My Condover experience
    Last weekend, I experienced one the most amazing things that have happened to me which I never thought would happen…I went to Condover hall.
    I pushed myself to the limits and overcome two fears heights and spiders.
    To overcome my fear of heights I had to show resilience and motivation. I climbed half way on the climbing wall, got to the top of the gladiator wall, went round the Aerial trek and did the leap of faith.
    Also to overcome my fear of spiders I picked up a spider which was on my best friends leg and then I realised there is nothing wrong with them.
    My favourite activities were probably the gladiator wall, kayaking and the conquest.
    I think I have developed as a person because I now have confidence in myself to do the things I never thought I would.
    But I couldn’t have done this without the instructors (raz, Lauren, Frazer, Liam,) also my team the …PRINCESS DONKEYS!
    My favourite memory of the trip would be the Montell shuffle.
    by pp

  6. 0702010jr says:

    Sorry, Mrs Montell. Couldn’t resist it! 🙂 JR

  7. 0702010ec says:

    My Time At Condover

    It was an absolute honour to be able to experience Condover, especially because I know that some people are not fortunate to experience what I have. I haven’t overcome a fear but I have had loads of fun and so happy that I can have these memories to look back on and so happy that I spent my adventure with amazing, kind and lovely people. When I go to Thornleigh, I know that I won’t be able to see these people as much as I do now so I made the most of it and tried activities that I didn’t want to do. My favourite activity was the silent disco because I didn’t want to but I went and I enjoyed it so much! I found it so cool that you had two song choices in case anyone didn’t like the song that is currently playing. I also loved the bin that was in the room I was staying in. I spent a lot of time sitting in the bin and doing my ‘Bin Yoga’. Mr Eccles actually managed to take a picture and posted it on twitter! I also enjoyed kayaking but I also hated it because when I stood up, I could barely move. But overall, it was the best trip I’ve ever had with the whole class and I hope I can rewind time and do it all over again!
    By EC.

  8. 0702010am says:

    My time at Condover Hall
    Condover Hall was an amazing experience! I loved it from start to end. I had loads of fun. When we arrived, we went to our block and started to unpack. Then after that, 2 of the groups in our class went to do the AERIAL TRECK. The aerial trek was an obstacle course in the sky (35ft) dangling off some wires, and you had to go round it with a harness on. I had to do this for my first activity, and it was challenging for me because I am mortified of heights. I managed to get past the first obstacle, a cargo net, but then there was a balancing beam and it was super wobbly. I just was so scared that I decided to go back to the start but I did my self proud for trying.
    There have been some astonishing memories at Condover (Mr Eccles and the instructor Lauren pouring water all over me in the sensory trail) and I won’t forget them, even when my children go there to.
    My top favourite activities where; the silent disco, we all had to where headphones and we also could change what song we could listen to; Laser quest, we had to go into a pitch black tent with light up guns. My leader was legend (Mr Eccles,) and Mrs Montell was also a leader to. Mr Pugh was a leader but he cheated and shot through the little windows; and Kayaking was also one of my favourites I was in a kayak with my best friend Ella, She was really afraid of going on boats but she tried it she looked like she was enjoying it.
    Condover Hall will have a solid place in my heart for being the best experience I have had in primary school. I hope Year 5 will have a good time next year as I had this year.

    By AM

  9. 0702010lw says:

    My CondoverHall experience
    CondoverHall was the best weekend of my life. Throughout the experience I have had an opportunity to show who I really am and now I can find some confidence in myself. Now when I’m older I can look back at all the ideal memories that I have been given.
    Although every activity was miraculous I especially relished one-the Ariel Trek. The Ariel Trek was 35 foot high and it really made me overcome my fear of heights. I also enjoyed the leap of faith where u had to climb up an elevated tower and jump onto a trapeze 6 foot away! The other activities were:
    .Body Zorbing
    .Buggy Building
    .The Gladiator Wall
    .Century trail and Dancing
    I and my group [Princess Donkeys] had an amazing time along with the others and I am so happy that we got amazing opportunities to participate in all activities at CondoverHall. I had the best time of my life!

  10. 0702010km says:

    My time at Condover Hall.
    Condover hall is one of the best things that has happened to me in my life so far.
    In terms of the activities, all of them were absolutely astonishing and productive in making me a better person and it has had a good influence on me. All of the activities were amazing- so amazing, that I could not possibly choose a favourite one in all of eternity and I wish I could re-live my experience at Condover Hall once again with all of my class mates.
    I have found most of the activities enjoyable all apart from one. This particular activity was not even a tiny bit enjoyable. It was… Two person Kayaking!!!!This activity was impossible to enjoy. And for some weird reason, I have no clue why!
    The first activity of the weekend has changed me the most and made me a better person. I never realised how good at encouraging people I am until the aerial trek when I was the only one who kept Amy going on it and it has made me realise another one of my skills. At night, Tyler was crying and no one could comfort him apart from me. So that warned me the name the child phycologist.
    By K.M.

  11. 0702010jh says:

    Condover Hall
    Our trip to Condover Hall will stay with me forever and every part of it was a brand new experience. It was great to spend time with my classmates and teachers. It was amazing from the aerial trek on Friday to the sensory trail on Monday.
    Our group—also known as the Banter Infantry—did loads of activities together. Some of the activities which I enjoyed most were the aerial trek, laser quest, gladiator wall and most of all… the Leap of Death!
    I didn’t really like body zorbing or the climbing wall, but I tried them both and did my best. Our instructors, Raz, Lauren and Peter were funny and helped us a lot (apart from the time when Lauren chucked Mr Eccles’s shoe on top of the conquest tent).
    Our time at Condover Hall will live with me forever and it has made me a stronger, more confident person.

    ` JH

  12. 0702010aw says:

    My time at Condover Hall!

    Condover Hall is an amazing place, it’s a place to find hidden talents also a time you have and face your fears! I enjoyed Condover Hall from the minute I arrived. Even from the start an exciting activity occurred just after 20 minutes we arrived into the area!

    Condover Hall is a chance to bond with the people in your class you don’t talk to that often. I feel that going to Condover was one of the best experiences in my life at the current moment. I am amazed at how many activities I tried!

    Going there made me a better person at trying new things and being adventurous, it even broke my fear of heights and drowning!

    By far my favourite activity was Kayaking, It was an amazing experience, but my second and third favourite activity were Conquest ( But Mrs Montell and Mr Pugh cheated) and rock climbing!

    I didn’t really like Aerial track, Sensory trail, Gladiator wall and Body Zorbing, buggy building and abseiling I gave them all a go and am pleased with myself about that.

    On Sunday we had a disco, a silent one. We all wore headphones and could change the music between two channels. It was amazing!

    I’m sad that I had to go from this amazing place, but at least I have many amazing memories to remember my adventure at Condover Hall…

    By AW

  13. 0702010jb says:

    Condover Hall: The best weekend of my life!
    Condover Hall has had a substantial impact on my life and every activity has been memorable. From rock climbing on the Friday to buggy building on the Monday the instructors and teachers have helped me overcome the fears that have held me back.
    Mrs Montell has united our group (Princess Donkeys) better than anyone else could of. It doesn’t matter if someone was scared of the Gladiator wall or kayaking our group would give physical and moral support. My biggest fear that I have ever faced was heights. I would always refused to go on something higher then 10feet until Condover Hall.
    Raz, Mrs Montell and the Princess Donkeys gave me the courage the go up 35feet. Once you climbed up the steps to get to the top you would be strapped into a zip wire kind of thing and hang in the air go over, under and through obstacles. My friends had gone round once and then Mrs Montell and Raz persuaded me to go round. This was the biggest challenge of my life! They hooked me in and manage to go round! This changed me as a person and helped me conquer my fear of heights.
    Later on that night, we had the chance to go abseiling and I was one of the first to line up. Around 15 people got a shot and I was one of 3 to do it. I had to go around another 35feet in the air and wait around 5 minutes up there without being strapped in. I felt sick and shaking, it was like earlier on in the day. I manged to do it! It was absolutely amazing.
    My final fear I accomplished is going into small spaces… I hated small spaces! On the Sunday night we went into a huge hall with a blow up building about 4ft high we was about to do lazer tag! It was pitch black inside and roasting but as soon as the game started I loved it! The guns lit up and before I knew it I forgot about the small space.
    The three activities I mentioned were by far the scariest but the best. This was thanks to the instructors and Mrs Montell thank you!
    BY J.B

  14. 0702010jh1 says:

    My time at Condover Hall

    Condover Hall is one of the best things that has happened to me in my life so far. First we had to choose a group name we chose banter infantry are chant was, care free were ever we may be we are the banter infantry and we don’t care who ever you may be ‘cause we are the banter infantry. Dew to the activities they were all amazing my first activity was aerial trek- aerial trek is an assault course 35 feet in the air. It was amazing. The food was amazing, gorgeous actually. Every bite it made me want to eat more. All together it was the weekend I will never ever forget. Thankyou Mr Owens for organising such an amazing weekend.

    by jh

  15. 0702010jd says:

    My time at condover hall.
    Condover Hall is a place where you will do stuff you have never done before, and get closer to your mates and some people in your class that you don’t know that well learning that you have more in common then you think. When we first got there after a two and three quarter hour coach ride the first thing we did was the aerial track. The aerial track was an obstacle course thirty five foot in the air- I was scared to go on it at first but as soon as I stepped of the platform it was really easy. I found it easier then a normal obstacle course because any ones you didn’t you could just swing by. All of the obstacles weren’t so simple though because the actual stepping off is harder then the things. Not all off of them were high, a few like bugi building and the sencery trailwere on the ground.(the sencery trail is were your blind folded and you have to go threw an obstacle course.)

  16. 0702010mw1 says:

    My time at Condover hall

    Condover hall was the most paramount thing that has ever happened to me from the minute we arrived to the minute we left I will always treasure in my heart. When we arrived, we didn`t have much time. So, each group did one activity: Mr Owen`s group did the Areal track, Mrs Montell`s group did the climbing wall and Mr Eccles’s group (my group) also did the Areal track.
    When we arrived, we agreed on our group name-the names were: the Unicorns, Wonky Donkeys aka Princess Donkeys and Banter infant tree. I was in the Unicorns so I did the Areal track first. At the beginning I wasn’t so horrified but, one the very last one I wouldn’t move. About five minutes later, the instructor, who was called Raz.
    Whist I was there, I conquered my fierce of heights, and the activity was Rock climbing. The Gladiator wall was the one that secured my concurring of my fear. My favourite activities were: Body Zorbing, kayaking, buggy building Abe sailing Century trail, laser guest archery, Gladiator wall and the climbing wall. When we were leaving I was distraught; at the same time I was exultant to come home because at Condover hall I didn’t really eat or sleep much. By MW1

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